Monday, November 1, 2010

What happens after Halloween? Christmas enters my mind...

Now, that Halloween has come and gone can we skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas now... HAHA

I've been hunting for Christmas decorations and mentally planning what, how and where will all my little goodies go? 

1. Wreaths. They can go anywhere; fireplace, over mirrors, doors, hallways, windows. ANYWHERE!
2. Lights. Under couches, over shelves, outside, inside, on the side, over, under... ANYWHERE!
3. Trees. Lighted or not. Inside, inside, kitchen, basement, bath.. ANYWHERE!

Anyways, it's been on my mind day and night, night and day... and yet I still have so much more work to do here before it fastly approaches. And family coming in from out of the country sure adds to the pressure of it being PUrr-Fect.

Here are my finds in the last 2 weekend...

These red glittery stars are from the Dollar store. They are cheap but oh so cute...

5 Doves $1. I have so many ideas for these, or maybe tree ornaments

Silver glittery snow flakes. I'm all about RED and SILVER this year. Even wrapping paper will be RED and SILVER.

These were a pack of 10 again for $1. How can you go wrong?

Wreath from the Salvation Army. Even though I try to stay away from there since they are priced high, here in town and the customer service is atrocious some times I luck out and things come out on the cheap. And this 30' pine wreath was $1.50 YAY BOIYE!!

The tree ornaments in the bags were $2.00 each, the boxes were .30 cents each. All in all it was $6.70

The tree decorations are all different finishes... no point in keeping it all the same texture when they resemble the shades. And, I'm planning on customizing some of them for a little added "personal touch"

I really do like this wreath! She's so clean and purr-ty already. All she needs is some jewelery =)

Target find. $1.70 YAY

Thanks GW, you've made it possible for me to stack up on fake snow and it sure beats PB Faux-Snow Vase Filler price, do you remember how much it was a bag? OY VEY! way too much.

Here's another find... Hob Lobs lighted 24' wreath priced at $19.99 on sale last weekend for $9.99 another SCORE!

I also grabbed a couple more things. The rihnestone snow flakes were $1.50 each., 10 SILVER snow fake Xmas tree ornaments for $6.99, the tiny tree ornaments and Xmas lights for  .30 cents each at GW. Man, how I'm loving the GW and Hob Lob right now! *glee* they will help my house be shiny and pretty.

Here's a closer look at the goodies, aren't they cute? =)

I've been able to find several boxes at the GW outlet store for .30cents each. a couple of sets were LED lights w/ prices of $11.99 each. Now tell me this, who in their right mind would be $11.99 for 100 little lights? LOL

Here is what I'm really looking out for; they are set of 6 Mercury Glass Ornaments. There are from Ballard Design and they are $18.

Thanks for stopping by and looking!

I'm looking forward to seeing all the great stuff you blog-ets come w/ for the Christmas seasons. I think you are all so talented and inovading... You are real "industrious" women!

Please, follow me as I will follow you.


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