Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kitchen Re-Do

This is what my kitchen looks like...

I don't really have any complaints besides the fact that it's small and I cook large meals otherwise organizing it makes it more efficient, I guess LOL.

Nice surprise behind the backsplash

I still have more cleaning up to do on the backsplash

It's going to be a challenge and I know I can do it! I can't wait till it's completed.

I've been inspired by a lot of you to dress up my tiny kitchen. I will repaint the cabinets, add new hardware, and tile the back splash.Eventually, probably winter time when flooring is cheaper, I might do that.

I have some sample tiles that I bought from HD last night and I'm leaning towards a simple matte white tile. Since the counter top is tan ( if I decide to keep it) LOL.

I'm currently researching different methods to accomplish these things ( I'm one of those people that read non stop until I think I have as much information as possible, which usually means, I have too much information LOL).

Here's a shot of my dining room.

I really want to open up the kitchen some so, that it blends in nicely w/ the dark dining room that I lurve and will not change for a while. I'm all into the organic colors lately and I have to tell you it's made a difference on the boys and I. I feel more Posh! HAHA Who knows why but it feels uncluttered and comfortable.

These are several inspirations...

I love the simplicity of the white...

I'm still considering the counter tops, it's more then I'd like to spend but we'll see specially since I tend to find everything at giveaway prices LOL

I've considered stainless, hmmm but I've read they are tricky to cut

I thought of subway tiles, but since I lived in NY and remembered that thats more of bathroom tile, I can't get over the thought that I would have bathroom tiles in my kitchen ( I know I know) I can't help what I get stuck on LOL

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GW Finds

Ahhhh GW is so good to me... *glee* These are all the yummy things I picked up last week.

Brand New White Leather Coach I got still in the bag for, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it

.30 Cents!! I'm so happy!!

Red crazy fun lamp; .30 cents. (I tried to make it work for me but it didn't so I passed it on to Ms. Cheri, she loved that lamp the minute she saw it. I will share Cheris bar project with you all soon)

I found this great Barely used Kitchen Aid Blender for 8.99 a few months back so, I passed along the green Kitchen Aide blender I've had for the last 10 yrs.

Although, I hate the flowers I'm the envy of all my girl friends for this fabush Lane Cedar Chest. Everyone has offered me dough for this piece but I won't let it go =) with some paint (I know, I know) this will fit perfectly in our home.

Tomorrow is another GW day... I'm so excited! Can't wait to see what I being home.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Small Before and After

Little changes in the living room. I get bored easily and have to switch a few things every once in a while to make the eyes pop. LOL

Old TV stand... what a mess!

Old shelf in the corner. Big and bulky.

See the old cushions? too beige, they just blend in and don't give any kind of effect to the eye.

GW leaning shelf that I got for 17.00 New in the unopened box. The cushions are from an old shower curtain I inherited from my brother for a garage sale and as soon as I saw it I knew it would make for neat cushions and ottoman upholstery. Debbie took out her sewing machine and worked her magic since I have yet to buy a machine (it's on the wish list). Sorry, for the very dark picture, I need to find time and clean my pro camera... it's been a yr since I've used it.
I just need to paint (Behr Creamy Mushroom) like the basement and I think I'll take a break =)

Does this happen to your furniture when you paint it black?

A bit dusty. Thank goodness I'm home to dust "everyday". The boys and I can't stand the small dust on the surfaces so it's quite cute to see my 5 year old grab a rag and wipe it clean, I must be doing something right =)

Here is the catch the remotes... I think it's fun and unexpected. What do you think?

See my coupons? LOL (Hob Lob, Meijer, Chase, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond)

These are a few of my favorite things

Wish list pretties, oh if I only had a bigger house =)

Clear glass tile for the back splash...

Can't wait to get started on mine. Since I have a very small galley kitchen in my bungalow, I'm hoping repainting the cub boards and adding clear glass tile will help to open it up. I'm also, looking for a French door to replace the door to the basement, once again in hopes to open up the kitchen.

I really need to remember where I take these pictures from before I get in trouble... Not to self; don't for get to give credit.

I want to paint the living room clock chalk board and add it to the kitchen once I replace the door. AGH I need a bigger house LOL

Eco cups. I carry them everywhere. Heart them!

Good Grips; these are great coasters and I've used them to open up those tricky jars when my hands are tired... =)