Monday, November 22, 2010

New Kitchen Update Delays

By the beginging of next week I'll have a couple of things to show you blog-ettes that I'm working on... I'd get too it faster, but work is getting in the way =)

Does work get in your way of projects and blogging? =) Becauase it does for me... Example; this morning first thing was laundry, dishes, taking kids to school, work. In the evening; it's usually reviewing homework, puttin kids down for the night, cleaning for the day and folding the laundry while watching my stories. It doesn't sound like much so, why do I run out of time? *BTW, there's always enough time to get sick! What the dilly YO!!?? LOL

Either way I've decided to fit in tiling my back splash whenever I can fit it in. AGH! That means that it's a very slow process.

1. Tiling the back splash
2. Changing faucet (yay)
3. New blackboard
4. Re-Organizing cupboards

This list is far too short to take me longer then 1 week.  HELP! LOL

So, I keep stopping by I need motivation and suggestions =)


Thanks for visiting!!

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