Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Living Room Update that didn't cost a thing

I wanted a faint splash of color to the living room since I think it was rather "clean". What an oxymoron, eh? But here is the thing... I'm tired of buying and replacing things so, I thought I would do some rearranging.

I brought in the rug from the dinning room and planted it in the living room. Think it works? Tan rug, black pillows and zero window cover. Sorry for the grainy pics.

Now in the living room! thoughts? =)

I went a bit cray cray and spent $2.00 on 1.25 yards of this sea foam BLUE fabric that I scored at Fields Fabrics and made some pillows. I wanted them to be plain no dangling things, feather, shimmer or anything too pretty. Just Plain so that it bounces off the lamp and Pier 1 rug.

Oh, wait did I show off my GW find this weekend? I got it for $1.00 YAY!! A'int she a fabush little thing? =)
She seems BLUE-r then she really is. She is in fact a greenish BLUE I call it a SEA FOAM BLUE (whatever that means).

But I wasn't quiet satisfied. My window is a bit high, but if you're out side you might still catch the tops of our heads as we walk in an out of the living room or as my guests sit on the couch so, I added a little somethin' somethin'

Some temporary shades I got at The Home Depot for $1.90 each. So, I put them all in the living room since I read some wheres that they can energy saving during the summer and winter. Hey, at this point it's cheaper then buying cellular blinds.

How do you think they look? I like them a bit since I want to keep it light and I think the white keeps in that theme.

In the end, I put the tan rug under the table in the dining room and I truly like the way it looks there. Since that space is so teeny, it opens it up, I think.(See the wreath? I have Christmas on the brain lol)

Keep your fingers crossed for me so I can score some flooring on BLACK Friday because we really need a change in there the kitchen. I hear Lowe's will have some incredible sales so, hear I come Lowe's! =)


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- Brittany said...

Nice transformation for next to nothing!


Debra@Dejarenew.blogspot.com said...

Nice job Ro! I like the rug in the livingroom for sure.

Bargain Princess said...

Thanks Deb... It took a whole 20 mins. to do and we really likes it =)

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

I love the lamp and would love to add that color to my kids playroom. Thanks for sharing :D

Bargain Princess said...

Carrie- that lamp was my best find of the week last week. It is so beautiful in person, the crackled glass it divine. I can't wait to see how you add the blue in your kids playroom! =)

Green Door Girl said...

I like the change, great transformation for just a few $$$ :)

Bargain Princess said...

Thanks ladies! You motivate me to continue to strive for a great home. It's been 3 yrs of changes and I'm finally getting the hang of it and you bloggettes have def. inspired me! Please keep sharing your suggestions and tips w/ me. I love hearing from you. =)