Friday, December 24, 2010

Where are you Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! See you all next year for more projects...


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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Link it up Thursday Party

This will be our second Link it up Thursday Party!

Want to play party it up and join our Thursday Party? It's super easy!!

1.  Become a follower of Bargain Corner Designs

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I'm not picky so just share whatever recipes, crafts, furniture re-do's the whole enchilada. So, remember there are no rules to what you want to share just as long as you share =)

Thanks for playing, can't wait to see what everyone has to share today.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

DIY Faux Mercury Glass Instructions from The Fab Miss B.

I was searching for a Faux Merury Glass instructional and this one was great so, I had to share it w/ you all...

Please, show her some lub and let her know how great her tutorial was =)


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Link it up Thursday Party

This will be our first Link it up Thursday Party!

Link up and get noticed. I'm not picky! =)

Share your great ideas, designs, recipe's, DIY's, updates and all.

BLAST! I put the wrong date for the Linky... Try to link up now. 


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Desk Up-Date

This area has been a pain on my butt... I just haven't been able to get it together AGH!!

This summer this is how it all started. I picked it up at a Garage Sale . It was in nice cosmetic condition but the darn thing was not strong enough to endure being in a house w/ my 2 boys and I. Let's be honest, you know when a 5 yr. old says "mommy, can I play on Nick that means that there will be leaning on the desk, bumping and who knows what else...But I saw it's potential and snagged it up anyways =)

It sat in the garage for a couple of months until I finally was motivated enough to start putting it back together. Something a little E6000 helped with.

After a couple of days of being glued and clamped it together I brought it in the house.

I was still not happy w/ anything about this area at all. It just spells CLUTTER. So, I tried to make it better

I think I might of slightly successed. I lub clocks. The tick tock is zen to my ears =) candles, vase to complete the area? I still didn't think so and had to make another final change (at least till after the holidays).

I painted the desk black to match the vintage dresser re-do and added the same glass knobs to keep it all cohesive and to save on unnecesary costs of buying more knobs... 'Tis the season for Christmas gifts not new dresser knobs, I keep telling myself =)

So, what do you think? any suggestions or tips?


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Vintage Dresser Re-Do Reveal

Hey guys, I finally completed the vintage dresser. I thought long and hard whether I should paint the mahogany or not. I'm so pleased w/ how it turned out... It's pretty BLACK!

Although, look at what I was working with HERE

I filled in the cracks and dents, but not too much since I was painting it black I wanted to keep some roughness. I don't know, just made sense to me and I really love how it turned out. (Sorry bout the grainy cell pics on the photos below)

It's simple and it only took about a week to finish it up.

I've listed my process here.

I found it at the GW for $3.00. It is an Estey Furniture dresser. I looked every where for information and the only thing that I was able to find is that it originated in the 1800's. I'm not quite sure what the exact date on this dresser is, but if you have any idea please, please, please let me know...

I went w/ the glass knobs, since I have so many of them why not use them right?

I love the legs on this dresser. So dainty and feminine!

Don't look so bad for being a $3.00 dresser, right? LOL

Psst! can you believe after all that work it has a bottom sticky drawer LOL


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Sunday, December 12, 2010

DIY Monogrammed Candle Jars

I have many left over glass jars from all the candles that I burn. And lemme tell you, I burn A LOT of candles...

So, I've been eyeballing these monogrammed candle glass jars, but have you priced them? WOWZA! as many candles as I burn in a month.. I'd go broke! =) These were $29.95 for 2.

PB Monogrammed Candle Pot is $25.00

I found 2 sheets of these alphabet decals at the GW for less then a $1.00 and I knew I had to have them. Right now we are a bit decal crazed!

And I have a couple of these left over after burning. I really lub these glass jars because they have a black wooden lid and they are square vs. the usual round shaped jars YAY!!

This is how I did it;
1. I carefully placed the the decal on the jar, making sure it was lined up straight.

2. I rubbed the letter on w/ my nail, no biggie.

3. Slowly peel the paper backing off. Make sure none of the decal raises of the glass or it will wrinkle or rip or you'll have to start all over again.

This is how it turned out.

I love it!! I think it's so expensive looking but seriously if you saw it you'd never know it was a DIY.

It truly does not give the DIY vibe... I'm lourving decals! What do you do w/ them?


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Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Weeks Finds

Here is what the GW had for me this Thursday.

These great stools are solid and all they need is a light sanding and new varnish or they can stay just as they are. I'm liking the wood on these and the knots look great.

These are rustic and would fit great in a PB, WS or country kitchen.

This teeny side table w/ the bottom weaved shelf is so cute and fun.

This ottoman will be this weeks project and it's the only thing I'll be keeping for myself, but the rest I will sell.

Look at the bottom. Isn't it perfect for tufting? I'm thinking an extreme tufted ottoman or as I call it 'ottermen' LOL would be perfect on this. Not bad for $1, eh?

I see this!! I'm gathering materials and left overs to accomplish this, I have lot's of ideas going thru my head... Again re-do's on a shoe string budget. Any suggestions? =)

I love the exageration and the color on this one. It's size is majestical and some-what masculine.

The black one is beautiful but I have enough black in furniture pieces and the black couch in the basement.

I will show it off in a couple of weeks =)


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And this is how kids crafts

Jacob decided to go on his own and do some crafting... He crabbed his ski hat and went to town.

This is what he came up w/ =)

What gives? does your teeny man craft on his own? =)


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Sneak Peek at the Bargain Vintage Surprise

So, remember THIS piece?

Despite the Michigan cold I've only worked 3 days on and off on this dresser and I wanted to give you a sneak peek *smirk*

I washed it w/ TSP, sanded it, applied wood filler in some areas, but not all because I wanted a bit of that dinged up look (not distressed). I sanded it some more and skipped the priming. When I use Rustoleum I've found that I can skip the priming process or perhaps I'm just far to eager to get it done =)

It's a little large and I'm not sure if she'll stay where I've place her, but for now I'm absolutely in lub w/ this dresser turned buffet turned storage for all the "stuff" around my house =)

The clock is another GW find for .30 cents. It fits along w/ my clock craze. The lamp is the one I had in the dining room that I removed and moved on the dresser dresser turned buffet turned storage for all the "stuff" LOL

What do you think of the knobs? I'm leaning towards the round glass knobs that I used in the living room, see it HERE. They are Belwith Glass knobs, they feel so great on your fingertips and it's perfect for those teeny hands too.

It's simple, modern and sophisticated all at the same time and this is what it looks like on the piece... or I could go w/ a more traditional glass knob. It's a bit small for such a big piece don't you think?

So, what do you think so far? Ready for the reveal in a couple of days? I can't wait to hear what suggestions you'll have for me. You blogg-ettes have given me so much support in updating my space on a shoe string budget.

PS: don't you worry! I've already sanded out the drips =)


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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Feliz Navidad y un arbol

That is Merry Christmas and a tree in Spanish. 

I had so many ideas swirling in my head for the last 2 months. After all that planning and plotting this year the boys decided what the Christmas tree would look like and my 5 yr. old Jacob went w/ a fir tree and by the way, I will never ever ever buy an ever green tree again. He picked it well, it's soft and leaves very little needles around. It is tall and skinny standing at 7ft tall and just as gorge as ever =)

Since Jacob picked the tree, Nelson got to pick out ornaments. He went w/ SILVER this year. I think he choose well. There are SILVER snowflakes, disco balls (all sizes), chandelier crystals that we found at a sale and wired them, Crystals from the Hob Lob (2 for $1).

And for a bit of color; I added burlap swags all around the tree LOL. I love all the glitter on our tree, it is so beautiful and regal. Too bad the pictures don't do it justice.

I had to show you this blurry shot because I still see the beauty in it...

Here are some of our ornaments. Have you seen anything else out there that would make our tree radiant? =)

Sorry about the blurry pic of the tree. The Canon Pro is on it's way! =)The boys keep running into ornaments that "need" to be placed on the tree so we keep we continued to add more ornaments about once or twice a week. Once things slow down next week, I'll post some updated pictures.

PS: did you notice the burlap mess I have as a tree skirt? LOL I decided to wait for after Christmas sales then spend $30-$50 for the tree skirt that I want. Maybe I'll score and get it for $10 =)


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DIY Printing French script on fabric

Having grown up in a European society and spending summers abroad, I'm a crazed Francophile!!

I've wanted to try and do this and it only took me 2 months. And when the boys went to bed and the dishes were washed, washing machine was empty and the floors were moped and living room vacuumed I gave this a go. 3 weeks ago I decided to remain a present mother to my boys and not get distracted by projects around the house. I will share w/ you when ever possible or when something truly has brought me joy and if what I share inspires you as you all have inspired me; I am a happy blogger! =)

So here's what I did;

1. Went to The Graphics Fairy picked a bunch of ephemera's and pictures that I couldn't live w/ out, specially since I'm working on this dresser for the basement (it will serve as a "throw all" organizer). It's cold outside and my nose and finger tips hurt working on that dresser but I have to have it done by Xmas... It's a personal goal is all =)

2. I cut the fabric to cover a plain piece of paper

3. I used Green Frog painters tape to secure it on the paper and that tape is much easier to remove from the fabric w/ out having to force it off and touch the ink. I did this to Burlap and white twill for aging and framing on the dresser turned buffet.

4. I placed it in the printer and pressed print

5. VOILA!! c'est fini =)

Here's where it ended up going

The Graphics Fairy uses Citra-solv Natural Cleaner & Degreaser to transfer the design over to fabric. That I will try in a couple of weeks and I'll let you know how bad the stench is... LOL

**BTW, forgive the carpet, but it's cold here in Michigan and projecting on it keeps me warm =)


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