Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to; Cake in a cup

I couldn't help it; while naming this I kept singing "Cake in box cup"LOL

I found myself home alone one day wanting to bake a cake, but the boys would be gone for a few so, why bake a cake that I likely won't eat but a little bit so satisfy my sweet tooth. 

You'll need:
1. Cake mix (I use anything on sale)
2. Water (just enough for a smooth consistency)
3. Microwave
4. Microwavable safe coffee cup
5. Frosting
6. Fork (for mixing)

First thing first; but the mix in the cup (1/2 the cup should fill the cup). Make sure to leave enough room for frosting.
Mix w/ a couple of Tablespoons of water until its nice and gooey
Feel free to mix it in the same cup you plan to eat out of. What does it matter? you can do whatever you please!

Microwave from anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 min. depending on your microwave (start at lowest cooking point, increasing if needed)

Let the cake cool down (my house smells of carrot cake heaven. YUM!)



Carrot Cake in a Cup w/ cheese cake frosting

This is so easy and takes a total w/ cooking time of maybe 7 mins. 

I've made this many times for the boys and their friends. This summer more then usual. 
This would also fit nicely at a small dinner party. Oh what fun!!

There are many ways of re-creating this. Get bold and let me know what you've done. 
I'm thinking this week it'll be RED velvet cake in a cup. Yummy for the tummy!


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DIY Chalkboard Clock

I was sitting at home on Saturday night under the air and fan and it was still so unbearably hot and the boys were already sleeping, but I can't ever seem to sit still... I must make something!!

you probably know that PB has had the chalkboard clocks on and off... it inspired me over a yr ago to get splash some paint on this one.

On one of my GW shopping sprees; I found this neat little 10' HobLob lock for under a $1.00. Something was wrong w/ it and it wouldn't run. Well, I got it home; added a new battery, tightened the hands and used it for bit as it is...

then it started begging to be different. I gave in to it

1. I lightly sanded the clock face

2. Painted the hands w/ WHITE spray enamel
3. Painted the clock face w/ chalkboard paint

while it dried, Tequi and I chilled;

I made myself a treat specially since I've been super good about food this week

Tequi just laid as I'm thinking "AGH! get off my couch!"

once dried I "distressed" it

re-attached the hands



yes, it really was 2:30 in the A.M. I sometimes suffer of "lack of sleep".

Easy Peasy! What do you think? will you do this?


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Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm going #Wahl_Nuts

If you follow me you should know that I have a slight *cough* obsession w/ @DonnieWahlberg... It's been going on for 20 yrs and it gets crazier the older I get. Can you blame me tho? I mean the man is 42 yrs old and he is so incredibly seksi! *drooling*

Sorry this has nothing to do w/ DIYing or such, but I want to share my obsession...@DonnieWahlberg who's featured in @Jordan Knight (who looks pretty hawt himself) new vid #Stingy =D


Jordan Knight "Stingy" feat. Donnie Wahlberg by MassAppealGermany

I've downloaded it to my fone, I love to blast it all the way w/ the windows rolled down, going 75mph w/ my shades *wind in my hair* Even girls at work have downloaded it... it's such a seksi song. I love how it reminds me of the days when I was 17 yrs and I couldn't part w/ my @DonnieWahlberg pillow =D

Thank you @DonnieWahlberg and @JordanKnight for making a bunch of 30 something women feel like silly teenagers! #ETERNALLOVE

PSST! are you following DDubs on Tweeter yet?  if you aren't get to it. He is so hilarious and has the best WOW's. You'll thank me later! =D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Hanging Light

I've seen these on a few blogs and I couldn't help but try it *yes, I steal great ideas* =D

I've been holding on to this Restoration Hardware lamp shade for a little over 1 yr. that I got from GW for $.30 cents (I know, I can't believe I find these awesome things) so, why not put it to good use? No reason!! So, I went for it!

I picked up a lighting cord w/ the plug in that came w/ the on and off switch. I also grabbed a light bulb socket.

I like to line everything up in sequence... It gives me a plan of attack.

1. Line everything up.

2. Feed wire thru lamp shade (with a 12' cord you have lots of slack).
3. Continue to feed wire thru extra thread and thread thru socket.

14' Restoration Hardware Empire shade in Goldenrod $44

 4. Unscrew the socket and wire the ends to the socket (not to tightly, but securely).

5. Screw everything back in place (make sure it's secure but not too tight).

6. Use the screw hooks or whatever you call them =D to the ceiling and BLAMO!!

Enjoy your new haning lamp that cost under $15.

All an all, it took about 15mins to put together and hang. I'm speedy like that =D

Don't you just love the floor space? I love that I can have extra seating there and that it has the perfect mood lighting...

Confession: What the heck do I do about the cord that hangs on the wall? my 12yr old hates the white cord against my BEHR creamy mushroom paint... does that make this project a fail?

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Mama needs a new couch!!

I have the ich and now it's time for a new couch... I'm thinking a small cozy sectional. I'd like it dark brown over a brown zebra rug or something that pops and says FUN and DARING!

So, here's what I'm thinking... Check it and let me know what you think.

Big Lots has this for $500. I'm thinking it's still too much. I would go for it if it was $300 so, I'm going to wait a bit till it's on sale =D

It has to be something I can move with so, I would prefer a new couch that doesn't need replacing in 2 yrs. and that would fit neatly in any basement.

Help me out and tell me what you think and share your suggestions and where to buy if you've been in the market.


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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's MY Birthday!!!

YO! it's my Bday!!!

I'm blessed for having such great kids. They are fun, respectful, smart, leaders, outgoing, gentle, controlled and they are always welcomed and loved no matter where they go.

I'm blessed for having a great family that stand behind me. My brother is a flipping genius! He is brilliant, strong, elegant, educated, kind, lovable... I could go on. My mom is smart, she's an educator. With out her the family sorta gets weak but she has a tough exterior but she's so fragile only we know it =D. My dad is centered, spiritual, calm, pensive and always ready to give LOVE.

I have a nice house, a great job, loyal friends, crazy loving family. What else could I ask for? How about a boyfriend!!! is Donnie Wahlberg available?

Whoopee forgive me while I take a breather from all my @DonnieWahlberg thoughts... Pssst make sure to follow him on tweeter. He's so inspiring and his WOW's are moving... they are always spot on, but avoid the crazy chicks on there. They will drive you crazy w/ their constant @NKOTB talk. It's as if that's all they do and think about... But the @DonnieWahlberg followers are a riot!

Okay back to my BDay. PARTY!


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Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm a Twice Owned Queen! *yelp*

Bonnie at House of Grace just named me a TWICE OWNED QUEEN! *Yelp* I'm so moved that she saw and liked my 50's fan transformation. Specially since I have such a little ol' blog. I don't make money, have many sponsors or even followers. I just love making things purdy!

But you can see how to get it done HERE.

I've only been featured 4x's and I still get the chills! I'm so glee right now.



Seriously, there's so much love and support out there... and after a tough week, Bonnie reminded me that none of us and our work is invisible. I love and work hard and I only wish God would grant me more energy and vision, but if that happen I'd probably take over the world *LAUGHING LOUDLY*

Lesson of the night. Please, feature someone who's work has inspired, motivated or reminded you of your unfinished projects that must get done =D



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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Update Vintage 1953 Table Fan

I have always been so addicted to vintage electric fans... My love affair started many yrs. ago in H.S. I've collected many and I've sold many more on CL. This is one of 3 that I've been holding on to but after some research since the metal fan craze is being reignited, I decided to update it.

This is how my 1953 Knapp Monarch Jack Frost 10" Desk Fan looks after sitting in my basement for over 10 yrs. I found it in an old condemned farm house in Mt. Pleasant after graduating from H.S. (oh the things I've done for the love of vintage).

After many trips to RH, PB and Target I thought it time to start working on my VERY old pieces. So, little by little they're finding their way out of their hiding spot. 

Here's the one from RH that drew my attention. Allaire Desk Fan Brushed Nickel
Retails for $99-$149 OUCH! *crossed eyes*

I took it apart, taking pictures along the way so, if I didn't remember where all the screws go I'd still have a reference "a picture is worth a thousand words". 

I couldn't remove the blades for some reason and so I wrapped it up in a grocery bag since I wanted to keep them "original" anyways. 

I taped all the metal functioning parts w/ Green Frog tape. Can you see some green on the cord? 

 I sprayed. Let dry. VOILA!!

Before and After

What do you think? Maybe next time I should paint the blades too. I've seen the blades in BLACK and the fan SILVER. Or maybe I can paint the fan BLACK w/ WHITE blades? I think that's all I can bring myself to do since I'm not a fan of bright colors, been there done that. I'm in LOURVE w/ earth tones. BROWNS, MUSTARD, GREEN, WHITE etc. 

Have you ever re-done a vintage fan before? will you walk away form one now?


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July Finds

I found some pretty great things this months... I would go back months ago, but I would spend days posting all my finds =D

HobLob Candle holder; retails $29.99 I found it at GW for $.30 cents WHOOPEE

Did you notice the BROWN in the bathroom? I just love my chocolate new bath...You can see it HERE.

Pier 1 candelabras; retails $29.99 and $49.99 these were the best garage sale find of the month for $5

I wish you could see how beautiful these stainless candelabras are. They are exquisite! I had to get them even though I didn't know where I'd be displaying them, but I couldn't let anyone else get their paws on these. LOL
 And this is why.
Look how gorge they are on my mantel!

I think less is more. Therefore the collection of red and beige candles will be 86'd from my fireplace soon enough. Cause I really really really don't like over done, over accessorized and random crazy colors like teal, red, oranges and yellow and random spots. Again, I like the subtlety and zen. =D

Sorry, 'bout the grainy pics. My camera had no juice so I used my handy dandy celly.

Pottery Barn candle holder; GW why are you so good to me? =D

see the ding on it?

Right along w/ this beautiful 70's mirror for $10.00

I will not be painting this mirror because some things just don't need updating. This is a very eclectic mirror that can go w/ any decor. Don't you think?

It is beautiful just as it was intended to be... No paint required!

Bed Bath Body and Beyond faux leather ottoman w/ trays to match my accent chair $30

With the trays that I normally store inside along w/ my little handy dandy notebooks.

Isn't it beautiful!? It's so so purty...

8 yards of blue and tan micro suede fabric. Each for $1 bolt from GW. I LOVE YOU GW! =D

What are your finds? where would you display this beautiful mirror and candelabras?

Love your tips and suggestions. You guys are the most talented decorators I've ever seen.


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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Small Brown Bathroom Upadate

Wow, this bathroom has been quite the ordeal. I never seem to be satisfied w/ any changes I've made here. So, I did a bit more this time around.

THIS is where the journey begins.

To this.

Curtain search has begun =D

My sista Jenny recommended that I paint the ceiling the same color as the walls to widen the room.

I considered crown molding, but it breaks it up and I'm thinking it's more for a very tall ceiling... right?
Jenny was right, painting the ceiling as well as the walls draws your eyes up wards and gives the illusion of a taller room. Hmmm, I might have to try this trick in the kitchen and living room.

BTW, this is BEHR prime & paint; color Ethiopia. I could lick my walls... it's so MOCHA!

The mirror which, I moved over from the dinning area; sanded, primed, painted white and VOILA! It's gorge!

Ceiling Paint
The sink vanity are all new off the shelf at Lowe's for $39.00. I used a credit I had w/ them and still had enough for bathroom condiments.

These are some left over knobs I had from another project. How much fun are these?

The faucet was a a Moen $20 find that once I opened was broken. So, there goes another drive to Lowe's w/ receipt on had to find a replacement. My luck they didn't have the save one and wanted to stick me w/ the normal $20 faucets... Hmm, not happening. So, I worked my magic and was able to score even a better one off the shelf priced at $120 for guess... wait for it... $20 WHOOPEE

That was a fun project. Time consuming for someone who doesn't know much about plumbing, but I loved the painting and decorating as usual!! =D

So, what do you think of my chocolate teeny bathroom?


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