Monday, November 22, 2010

A list of Oprah's Favorite Things YAY

I lub Oprah's favorite things shows... they are great and you're always in the know by watching what is all the rave, the new, the best and where to get them. It's just too bad I was never able to be on the show... =)

So, since everything Oprah touches turns to GOLD, here is a list of all her favorite things that have now been added to my wants list.

1. iPad by Apple. Check it out HERE

2. Women's Classic Short Sparkles Australia Ugg's $170. See it HERE They come in GOLD, BLACK and SILVER.

3. Sophia Satchel by Coach. See it HERE

4. Philosophy Hope in a Jar. See it HERE. The one I've been using is the 4 oz. I loves it!! =)

5. Herb-Savor. See it HERE. $30. I can't wait to try this! YAY!

6. Le Creuset Cookware. See it HERE. They come in many colors, but my favorite is the BLACK. You can find these at your local Marshalls and Home Goods. Go get yours... theses are fabush =)

6. Miraclebody Jeans by Miraclesuit. 10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds? WHAT?!! Guess what I'm getting for Xmas...  See it HERE.

7. Williams Sonoma Mini Croisants. I lub croisants! The boys go throw a dozen in a couple of days... I remember my dad brining home warm chocolate filled croisants when we lived in Ivory Coast. They always bring me back to that little 10 yr. girl dunking them in hot chocolate YUM! See them HERE. 24 for $40

8. Talbott Tea. I've only had GREEN tea and it was the best. See it HERE

9.  Josh Groban Illuminiations. I mean really, who doesn't like Josh Groban? at least I though everyone w/ a good ear did... This will be in my stocking =) See it HERE

10. Volkswagen 2012 Beetle? are you serious? NO WAY!! Those people were blessed on that day... =) See it HERE

11. Bakers Edge Baking Pan. My brother's GF would love this... she is such an exceptional cook. See it HERE

12. Breville Panni Press. Time to upgrade the Forman Grill, see it HERE.

13. Lafco Candles. I'm on a hunt for these ones... See them HERE

I didn't show ALL of Oprah's Favorite Things. So, if you want to see the entire list check out HERE

Tell me what you like, want and WANT! =)

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