Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dramatic Gateway

This door was white and boring. I've wanted a black door for a couple of yrs. but was afraid to go thru w/ it. Then I thought... "it's paint!" plus isn't black the most authoritative color? and it conveys, drama and elegance so, what's the problem?

I did some research and found that when your seating direction and door is facing north you CAN paint your door BLACK or blue. And blue is just not MY color for a door. So, BLACK it was. YAY!

My friend, black paint.
All I needed was RustOleum. I went with the Semi-Gloss for added drama and reflective effect.
A foam roller, painters tape, paint brush and patience.

With the first stroke, I stopped and hoped I hadn't made a mistake in painting it so dramatically. Will it be to much next to chocolate wall? Will it be durable? Am I shrinking things by adding and using so much black?

Oh, who cares!? I absolutely acores the black door. It's so much more fun and chic then the boring ol' do' LOL **I'm currently working on some foliage for this room. The greenery is needed and it's on its  way.

PS: After much demand from my fellow Blog-ettes and friends, I will let Debbie continue her painting in my living room and fill that wall w/ Fluer de lis YAY!!

So, for now the living room is complete, check it all out HERE. Now back to the basement and then the kids rooms. Nelson my 11 yr old. wants a teen boys room. He's demands are realistic but they will require a lot of time and yet I have recruited Debbie to help. LOL

Please, let me know what you think, good, bad, suggestions and tips. All welcomed =)

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Sandy@Life Began In A Garden said...

The black looks fabulous next to the chocolate wall, good choice!

Bargain Princess said...

Sandy, thank you so much!! It took a minute to get used to it, but now I absolutely loves it =)

Are you following me yet? I love comments and suggestions so, I hope you continue to follow my challenges and success as I try to redo our house=)