Monday, November 8, 2010

Living Room Re-Re Do

I did like my mustard walls, but as you all know I've been craving and wanting a more calm, clean and open environment and my head is swimming w/ idears which makes it hard to concentrate on one style, color, furniture placement and such... and on those days I say "God, please bless me with a bigger house in the next few years." LOL But then I will love my little house. It's so full of love, strength, memories and stories. I can see my self there when I'm old and my grand kids come over to visit. =)

My living room was mustard which I believe made it appear smaller and frankly a bit to busy. OVERSTIMULATING during the day but dark and cozy at night. There lay my dilemma.

Here's the before:

See Jacob watching... you know what, Harry Potter for the gazziliouns time!

Putting the shelves up... that day was fun. I have the level and drill out ready for action... YAY!

Shelvs all done! *I am woman, hear me roar... * LOL

Getting all the jank out and getting it prepped for paint... Cheri standing by giving all the boys instructions on how to behave while moms are at work.

I had banana bread in Jacobs bowl and left it in the same spot for about 1 hr.

I used my celly fone for this picture, but I promise I will put new pictures up tonight when I get home from work.

1. sanded, painted trim and baseboards
2. sanded the walls

I decided to go w/ Behr Creamy Mushroom which looks delish on the walls. And it even changes shades depending on how the light reflects.

I also, decided to PURGE of all the stuff in the there that is unnecessary. Like 20 magazines on the extra side table that is not needed.  You'll notice the two side tables that I was using as a coffee is not no longer in the center. I've decided to only pull them out when I have guests over for cocktails and food. Then we will need it to set our things on. 

Okay, I lourve my entertainment center... do you remember that I got it at the GW for $20. I couldn't even bring myself to haggle at that price so, I just paid it and collected it the next day.

I wish you could see the new knobs on the entertainment center(I'm hooked on these and want them in every piece of furniture I have in my house) they are fabush!! The boys and I absolutely lub them.

Here's a closer look...

Here's the other side of ze room

My favorite spot... it is like butter on me butt LOL
The entry door. It's in desperate need of some color

This buffet has cause me a many dilemmas. To paint or not to paint. To stain or not to stain. To sell or not to sell. 

They stain is way too yellow for the direction I'm going, but the buffet is all bejewled! She's so precious w/ her bling on! ;)

That brown wall needs art... the stenceling kind of art... *my visions are going cray cray* and that buffet def. needs a paint job but I'm afraid of covering that purty maple wood *oh and it's a heavy piece to move from living room to garage* But it must be done... preferably before the holidays.

Blin-tasticlly delicious

How can knobs be so purty and excite me so? what are you're favorite knobs. Which by the way I bought for under .50cents each. 

My GW finds ... loving clocks even though many say it's a feng shui no no. I heart them...

I wanted to add a pic of my mom & dad

Back to the purty glass knobs... ;)
They are so pretty and not feminine at all. They are big! and so masculine in a way...

I know this room seems boring, but trust me it it boringly clean, ample and open. I can comfortably fit the entire family in here for movie night. I just have to bring on the bean bags...

Roomba! my new friend. Every mommy should own one, really!

I'm trying to find a clear of crystal lamp to put in there, one that would perfectly match the knobs on the furniture.

I still have a few more idears floating around in my head and on paper. Once I make a few more adjustments I will share them to only you. My fellow bloggies.

Thanks for visiting!! Now, stick around and keep peeking thru...


Debra said...

It dried darker! YAYAYAY! I think it looks great. And it looks bigger to.

Jennifer@Pieces of Me said...

Love the new calm color! very nice, your tv cabinet is amazing for on 20 bux!! your lil side console would be beautiful in a crisp white, especially with your wall color and your dark accessories. and your b&w pillows look cute on your couch too! Walmart (online only)a couple months ago had a beautiful Zebra Ottoman for 50 bux,,, I purchased one at TJMaxx for 100, wished I didnt when I found it on if you like B&w you should incorporate it here and there, would look nice!

Bargin Corner Princess said...
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Bargin Corner Princess said...

@Jennifer Don't you just love GW? That EC is a Hammary, I priced it at $2300. It's still my best find to date. Stay toned for what Debra from and I do to my living room focus wall do.
*I had delete the previous because I put in the wrong link to Debra*

Joselyn said...

Thanks for visiting. I am your newest follower. Nice makeover! I love brown too. That $25 entertainment center is beautiful. what a great find! As for your buffet, I would definitely keep it. It is such a nice piece. As for the refinshing, go with what you like. Do you like the EC finish with your new wall color? If so, why not go with that color. Or if you really want to paint it, why not be dearing and go with a bold accent color you love. When I refinish pieces, I wait until I strip it before deciding how to finish it. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Joselyn said...

Forgot to ask you, does the Roomba really work?

Bargin Corner Princess said...

@Joselyn it def. doesn't do deep cleaning... it's more for the light dirt. But I love my Roomba. I "set it and forget it" LOL said...

I can't wait! That is what we need to be doing this weekend! the wall the wall! Focus focus! The living room is look great. Saturday the wall and wine! yes!