Sunday, October 31, 2010

An evening of treat the Kids

Night out w/ the kid and friends... and this is how we trick or treat!! =)

The kids all had a great time begging for food *cough* I mean candy *double cough* I meant trick or

Jacob was... GASP, Harry Potter!

All the boys together, but my Duddle Bug was missing. He had a day w/ dad.

(Junior-Ninja, Jacob-Harry Potter, Tommy-Ninja & Ethan-Fisherman)

Jacob has been wearing and sleeping in this costume for days... he's so adore's =) I love that he enjoys those big boy movies.

See Ethan being cray cray? LOL

This was the Churches "Trick a trunk". It was uber interesting how they blocked off the parking lot and were super happy to see all the neighborhood kids w/ their costumes... I'll be sure to stop there again next yr.

This doggie was so terribly adore's and was so sweet to all the little men and girls.
Wish my doggie was 1/2 as nice =)

Cheri's teen... w/ out a costume and keeping it real LOL

I thought this little yellow house was so perfect. Too bad I'm not in the market.

I spied a playground and thought it perfect to let the kids run around like crazy and that they did! They were so cute and full of energy.

Then it was back to treating the kids. Even when the night got cold and super uber dark. ICK! But we got it done...

I think Ethan enjoyed himself, I wish you could see the waders he had on. They slowed him down and usually nothing does =)

Then we did it all over again on the other side of town... now this was great! 

Here's Tio (Uncle) Nelson as Rasta Man but actually turned out to look more like Rick James w/ Jacob (Harry Potter) getting all geared up and pumped up to trick a treat.  

they had the best treats, costumes and decorations that I've seen in a very long time. They put effort into making it a treat just to spot or go to their houses. What do you think?

I absolutely enjoyed all the amazing decorations this folks put out. Check out the HUGE spider!

I don't think Yvo expected to be petted on the head by this guy, he was funny!

This is one I might have to consider for next yr. but just picture the spider crawling up the side of the house... LOL

The lady at this house was so beautiful and gracious, I couldn't get a shot of her. But she filled Jacob bucket w/ tons of yummies.

 This house had a theme inside but I didn't know what was in there so, we skipped that.. but the lights outside are awesome. The bushes were bright green and full and the orange lights just made it so festive and purty.

On the way back to the car... too bad the camera doesn't reflect it.

 Look at the creepiness in the this one. LOL It was awesome!! Loves!

Jacob was exhausted and tired after 2 nights so, this ends 2 nights of gohls, monsters, ghosts and treats. Tomorrow is Monday and are back to work.

I hope everyone had a great Halloweeny weekend!!!

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