Saturday, November 27, 2010

Whowouldathought we like Decals

I never knew that the boys would enjoy making plagues w/ decals... who knew they liked to get so involved in mami's little projects and I terribly enjoy having them help.

Check out what we came up w/

Here's what I found at the local GW. It was partially FREE! Teehee

We laid it on an Ikea sage green plate that I got this summer and sprayed it white. Then Jacob and I used a ruler (his because he wanted it no other way) and made sure the line would be perfect for the decal. We laid it down and I had Jacob run his fingers and nails over it to secure it.

Then he carefully started to peel it back. He's such a great little teeny helper.

Pausing for a final check, he was convinced it wasn't on straight, but we agreed that it was.

Jacob was taking too long so I took it upon myself to peel it off. I did it very very slowly!

Nelson choose the word hope out of the Hope. Faith. Love.

Fin! I love how simplistic it is.  Please, ignore the unfinished back splash, that is to come soon enough =)

I hope you'll keep stopping by since the boys have a couple more decal projects they want to do that they talked me into =)


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Green Door Girl said...

Good job! I apologize for just NOW getting over to your blog, several of my comments ended up in spam and I just found them, I missed several people - I am so sorry! I am following you back now :)

Simply Sarah said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my PB Inspired Numbers Canvas!
This is a really cute project and it's so great that your boys can help!

Fawn said...

I sell Uppercase Living vinyl and my kids LOVE decorating with them..I even give them the little triangles so they can decorate their bikes and such.... what a great project for you and your kids and what a score to find it at GW..

Bargain Princess said...

Hey everyone! thanks for stop by and giving your support and advice...

The boys love to craft w/ me. I have to say it's been fun and yet we have so many other idears swimming around in our heads LOL

Please, keep stopping by and sharing your suggestions =)