Monday, November 15, 2010

This weeks finds... SCORE

I couldn't wait 'til to share this w/ everyone... and I'm hoping that you'll be up to handing me a little help figuring this one out.

Here goes!

I found this BEAUTIFUL piece at the local GW and I melted. I had this feeling mid last week that I was going to score and find a great wonderful piece that I could work on and concentrate on and would you believe that as soon as I walked in the store I saw this and grabbed it. But it required a bit of fight since there was another man that wanted her. But I WIN!! LMBO

Here's the history. This is an Estey Standard Furniture Co. from Owosso, MI dresser. The mirror is missing and it's pretty dinged up but OH man, she is a beaute!

Take a look, what do you think? what shall I do w/ her? I need help from my blog-ettes =)

BTW, I paid $3 for her!

Thank you for visiting!! =)

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Stef said...

Awesome find!! From the looks of it...looks like you got it at the outlet store?! ahha! I know my Goodwill's all toooo well!!

Bargin Corner Princess said...

@Stef Don't you just love it? are we in the same town? I've been thinking of organizing a "treasure power finder group". Would you participate?!

Nicole F said...

Hi - I know this is a pretty old post, but I just picked up the same dresser and matching mirror (but missing the hardware to hang it from the dresser.) Looks like there have been some modifications to the front legs, and there is veneer on the top and drawers. Wondering if your is also veneered? The veneer is in bad shape on the drawers and probably has to come off but don't want to do anything yet.

Can you tell me more about your piece?

YAY for freebie furniture finds!!

Will you please email me at nfavorite (at) msn (dot) com?

Thanks so much!