Monday, November 28, 2011

Before the Holidays Kitchen Makeover

Sorry, I've been MIA. This work and family things is cramping my steelo AGH! But I took advantage of one day during the Thanksgiving break to bring some happiness into my kitchen as my 12 yr. Nelson would say.


I really do like the BROWN but I kept thinking it just wasn't bright or inspiring enough. I wanted something a bit unexpected... So, I used the same paint I used on THIS cedar chest that I sold on CL. It's Seqouia from @Valspar to brighten it up. Loved when Nelson came upstairs and said "mom this is a happy color. I love it!" Aww, makes my effort to change things so worth it.


I added the white mirror and put the original -too big for the space- rug under the table. But I apsolutly love how it turned out...

With a Xmas wreath... I'm working on a bow -maybe I'll find one at the $1 store-.

Phew! I love the long weekends. Wish I would of accomplished more then I did, but then... it's my time to RELAX and get things done little. by. little.

Next; redoing the backsplash!


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

While my aunts been here... I've managed to do a bit of shopping. Well, really window shopping.

This little store we found in Battle Creek, Mi. You wouldn't believe the jems he had sitting around. They were over priced for what I'm used to paying or like to pay, but hey! he's in it for the bottom line. I'm in it to create and feed my addiction to re-purposing.

This dresser was priced above $600. *moving on*

Hutch $1500

Crosby radio sporting missing knobs, missing back, water damaged covered by the junk on top $150

None working Radio with missing backing $350

Broken lunch box with replaced handled $10 the painted one on the back $25

Look at the sea of vintage furniture. Gosh I sure hope this place doesn't catch on fire or flood because although he is over priced... some of his pieces are beautiful.


Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Alive!!

OMW! I miss blogging...

It's been hella busy these last 2 months and for the first time I'm looking forward to the holidays when hopefully things will calm down *I lie to myself often* =D

My aunt is visiting from the Dominican Rep. and I gotta tell you, between my mom, the boys, kung fu, swimming, clarinet, horseback riding, house work, work, traveling and my aunt visiting, I feel tired by the end of the night and as though I have nothing to give.

My mom is so happy to be with her sister. My aunt needed my mom and my mom has needed her. In the last yr. and a half my aunt has lost her husband, daughter, mother and sister. It's been a taxing yr. for her. My mother lost her mother, sister, mother in law, niece and brother in law.

But none the less, they are cute together. Now I know why my brother and I have such a bond. It's a learned trait folks! They walk everyday; no exceptions. They cook, pray, cry, shop, clean, excersise, read and sit in silence together.

I've become more aware of "siblings bond". It's a blessing to be in the company of someone that knows you all your life that is delighted in your presence and loves you full heartly.

Please call, email, text or mail your sibling a few words telling them how much you've enjoyed knowing them and how much richer your life is for having them be a part of your life!

Blessings to all!

1 John 4:21 
And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.


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Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm not hiding, just cleaning

My aunt is coming from Tennessee next week so, I'm moving my butt pretty fast around here to get some things in order. Like the basement, the kitchen back splash (which is in immediately need of "something").

I'm cleaning *boring! I rather DIY*


And while that's going I can get to the rest.

Love my followers! so, come back and check it out in a week. 

Maybe, just maybe I'll have some accomplishments to share *mischievous grin*


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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sharing is Caring


I'm totally addicted to this site!
and because I care, I'm sharing.

I swear it's probably one of the best out there... Check it out and please tell her you found her HERE. 

You will be just as addicted as I am to EVERYTHING they have to say. 


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY Chalkboard Desk

Jacobs been needed a quiet spot in the house where he can study and get homework done everyday. Plan: Find a desk!
This summer has been full of great finds and small projects around the house getting things in order for fall and they holidays. Last week I found this desk while treasure hunting with my mom for $1.00 

I needed the pegs that hold the legs in place, re-glued, sanded down just a bit then I painted the bottom part of the desk first upside down.

I taped a perfect square on the top and added the BLACK chalkboard paint. Man, I put it on thick! I love the raised edges. 

I noticed that the white was showing some grain next to the BLACK. I don't know... the boys didn't notice it, but I did. 

 I was forced to tape over the chalkboard paint (perfectly lined up to the BLACK) to avoid any bleeding. 

All done. Jacobs homework center for the coming school year. 

Psst: I can't stop thinking HOLIDAYS! I've already starting planning and shopping from; what tree to get, went to HOB LOB to find new Christmas decorations since they are on sale. Oh and I ordered some Christmas presents last week and they are hiding in the basement TeeHee
I keep thinking CHRISTMAS!! HELP =D


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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GW for NEW couch

After many months of searching for a small sectional everywhere and losing patience. That is Big Lots, American Freight, Value City Furniture, World Market. Seriously, it was impossible to find a small cozy sectional at the right price. but I was convinced I'd find the perfect one. I sold the BLACK futon for $125 on CL. Stashed the $125 away and hoped to break even with a brand new couch.

And then today I found this gem.
She was sitting in the corner at the GW just waiting for me to adopt her =D 
Dimensions: Sofa 84"W x 38"D x 38"H

She came w/ a broken leg and a broken side bar, but as you all know... I see potential! But the couch was priced at $279 last week. Then today at $179. I talked them down to $100 before I had fully thought it thru to whether or not it could be repaired. Then there was the issue of it being blue. I figured "well, maybe it's time I leave my comfort zone of browns, tans, whites and black and bring in different hues. BLUE! That's an organic color right?

But I had one more step to take. Before buying her, I had to call Ashley Furniture and ask some serious questions on the damage of the legs (NOT THE FRAME); does that compromise durability, warrantee, stability of the couch? How could I repair it? would my replacing the leg compromise the couch? They quickly offered to send me a new leg and side bar with instructions for FREE!!! Oh my! *on the cell fone leaving the office to run back to GW* then a call to Cheri. She's the only girl I know that has a truck that I can use and she never complains =D Thanks CHERI!

WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!! A $100 for a brand new couch an w/ warranties including. Okay, okay. Am I being punked? where's the hidden camera? Ashton Kutcher?

I got the best deal of the month on this beautiful couch that is originally priced at $599. I love the straight lines, I'm not a fan of a bubbly round edges (yes, I know it goes against everything feng shui). I'm gaga over the bright nail head design, the Showood accent around the couch, the firmness and the velvety fabric. I'm hoping this will lighten up the room.

After removing the side door and squeezing it thru the slider doors from the back yard and then the stairs *Oh boy, I'm reminded that I MUST loss weight* Here she sits in my basement... please ignore the red accents. As you all know I'm so over the RED! ICK!!! *I see a garage sale in my future* Jenny can you hear me!! =D

How about the nail heads?

Don't forget. It. Was. $100. From $150. For a brand new couch at GW. YAY!

Now let the search and saving begin for the chair and ottoman. Or I can always consider two leather chairs from VCF.

Oh Goodwill, how I love you more and more each day... Thanks for all the beautiful finds!

Look at how pretty she is. YUM! I can't wait for late fall to lay on it, cozy up w/ warm blanket next to my fireplace and some hot cocoa.

Do you remember the candle holders I got from a garage sale this summer? if not see them HERE

and check out the basement HERE  I'd love some tips on furniture positioning.


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Fail Lamp Rescued

Oh man, I had my heart set on making it metal and rusted. Gotta tell you, that didn't work on my patience to well. Some days I can take the heat and other days I just want to move on from whatever I'm doing. This was one of those projects. BORING!
I found this lamp sitting all by it's self on a shelf at Target this weekend. Very heavy, ceramic, fugly purple lamp. ICK! I could cringe! But check out the price $10.39. Are you serious? I'm on it! I had so many great ideas for this.

Here's idea number 1. Silver leafing. I immediately hated it.


Operation Rescue Mission is ON!

After using my using my handy dandy can of white Rustoleum spray paint heres what she looks like now. I love how she turned out after a quick sanding, priming and spraying. Ain't she pretty!? I like it so much more then the silver leafing...

Ignore the afgan on the couch. It's so Roseanne! =D

Here's the finial. A very old one I found at the GW for a few pennies that has been painted BLACK, GOLD
and now WHITE. I love the pineapple on top.

The lamp shade I found at Lowes on their clearance isle for $10, Lamp Target $10. I love what this turned into.

So what do you think, should I had continued w/ the silver leafing or do you prefer the white w/ BROWN shade?


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Friday, August 5, 2011

New White Dreamy Ikea Bed

Look what I got!
I picked this up on my first IKEA trip of the summer which really took place this Spring.

Vanvik Queen Bed $400
 It is just as beautiful as it appears. It's so crisp and clean... Yummy! and I only paid $150 for it. YAY for me =D

My IKEA plan of attack always begins in the clearance section. Cause really what's the point of walking thru the whole store when what I'm looking for might be right there? So, I went in. Saw it. Claimed it. It's mine.

Clearance $150

Now, putting it together was an entirely different story. That was quite the challenge. The thin metal sticks that are suppose to keep the bed square are just jank. Really!

Those? how can they hold an adult body!

So, I built it, prayed and went to bed. The next morning I was at Loews getting some wood planks to use. Thank god they cut them for us cause really how would I have managed w/ out a cutter? So, it's all good and pretty now PLUS I found two of  the HENRIKSDAL chairs originally at $89 for $25 each. I couldn't believe my luck that day! that was $64 savings on each chair =D

HENRIKSDAL Chair, brown-black, Blekinge white Width: 21 1/4 " Depth: 22 7/8 " Height: 38 1/4 " Seat width: 21 1/4 " Seat depth: 16 1/2 " Seat height: 18 1/2 "  Width: 54 cm Depth: 58 cm Height: 97 cm Seat width: 54 cm Seat depth: 42 cm Seat height: 47 cm

This chair rests neatly in a corner in my room. I gotta be honest; it holds my briefcase and junk like that so, I should probably be more diligent on the tidiness of my room. Blah blah blah...

Tan and white Master

Check it out!

I love how it's turned out... It's so serene and soothing!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kitchen $30 light update

Ikea to the rescue!!!

Ikea LEDING track light

These are small but heck, my kitchen is small and w/ 2 of these it did the trick.

This was I call the boob light. It's not bad just a bit bland. Almost blends into the ceiling. But I wanted some thing different then the same light I've been looking at for yrs. that all my friends have hanging in their houses up right now... So, I removed it.

Pretty easy to do, even on your own.

And voila! Here we have the Ikea LEDING track lighting for $15 each.

Here's what it looks like in both teeny areas.

Notice the white mini tiles on the back splash that is unfinished. It is.. I started putting them up and immediately hated it. It's just weird! I have other ideas but I have to marinate in them first.

If you have any ideas please feel free to shot them my way and of course keeping in mind that I'm looking for a bargain back splash.

Looking forward to all your thoughts and tips!


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Monday, August 1, 2011

Restoration Hardware Wish List

OMW, did you get the new RH catalog? isn't it to die for? I'm in #LOURVE w/ several pieces in there so, I had to share.

They have the awesomest stuff right now... Oh why don't I have a money tree?

WOW! How sick is that TV stand?

Keep looking!

This would look killer in my living room. Might have to DIY it =D

I'm loving the Blackhawk RH line. Is it weird that I love the strength and masculinity behind this line? The leather reminds me of my dad, the metal reminds me of my Delta days, the lamps of Greta Garbo and the wood accent of farm houses I used to sneak into looking for vintage pieces.

The coffee table retails at $1395. I can't wait to see how we will all be inspired and how recreate this look.

What about these shelves, what do you think? I can't stop looking at them! I see these in my living room too...

I myself have several ideas...

Now look at the floor lamp... the Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp. I can't believe how beautiful this is. This alone is a art piece. Retails for $1325

Love these Brazilian cowhide pillows. Retails $69-$99. Can you hear my sewing machine going? LOL

I love this Industrial Tool Chest Media Console for $1895. Again, why isn't my money tree growing?

Remember how I replace my kitchen boob light? See it HERE
Here is RH take on a boob light. It's BLACK! I can't wait to see who will recreate this one... the San Sebastian Flushmount. Retails for $79

It should be a very quick dress up party for it. I personally detest these ceiling lights. They are uneventful... okay the word I'm looking for is BORING! but eh, some paint could dress it up fun if you go silver, black, red, imagine it in yellow, fuchsia... it's endless. =D


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Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to; Cake in a cup

I couldn't help it; while naming this I kept singing "Cake in box cup"LOL

I found myself home alone one day wanting to bake a cake, but the boys would be gone for a few so, why bake a cake that I likely won't eat but a little bit so satisfy my sweet tooth. 

You'll need:
1. Cake mix (I use anything on sale)
2. Water (just enough for a smooth consistency)
3. Microwave
4. Microwavable safe coffee cup
5. Frosting
6. Fork (for mixing)

First thing first; but the mix in the cup (1/2 the cup should fill the cup). Make sure to leave enough room for frosting.
Mix w/ a couple of Tablespoons of water until its nice and gooey
Feel free to mix it in the same cup you plan to eat out of. What does it matter? you can do whatever you please!

Microwave from anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 min. depending on your microwave (start at lowest cooking point, increasing if needed)

Let the cake cool down (my house smells of carrot cake heaven. YUM!)



Carrot Cake in a Cup w/ cheese cake frosting

This is so easy and takes a total w/ cooking time of maybe 7 mins. 

I've made this many times for the boys and their friends. This summer more then usual. 
This would also fit nicely at a small dinner party. Oh what fun!!

There are many ways of re-creating this. Get bold and let me know what you've done. 
I'm thinking this week it'll be RED velvet cake in a cup. Yummy for the tummy!


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DIY Chalkboard Clock

I was sitting at home on Saturday night under the air and fan and it was still so unbearably hot and the boys were already sleeping, but I can't ever seem to sit still... I must make something!!

you probably know that PB has had the chalkboard clocks on and off... it inspired me over a yr ago to get splash some paint on this one.

On one of my GW shopping sprees; I found this neat little 10' HobLob lock for under a $1.00. Something was wrong w/ it and it wouldn't run. Well, I got it home; added a new battery, tightened the hands and used it for bit as it is...

then it started begging to be different. I gave in to it

1. I lightly sanded the clock face

2. Painted the hands w/ WHITE spray enamel
3. Painted the clock face w/ chalkboard paint

while it dried, Tequi and I chilled;

I made myself a treat specially since I've been super good about food this week

Tequi just laid as I'm thinking "AGH! get off my couch!"

once dried I "distressed" it

re-attached the hands



yes, it really was 2:30 in the A.M. I sometimes suffer of "lack of sleep".

Easy Peasy! What do you think? will you do this?


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