Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great Wall of RoRo

Debbie came over and put her art on my focus wall. It was a fun filled Saturday night. There was wine, there was pizza, there was gossip, there was painting, laughter. I love what a group of powerful women can accomplish. We bring so much joy, happiness and strength to each other. I love my sisters!

They helped this inspiration become a reality!

Last week it was simple and a plain khaki wall.

I still lourve my solid maple buffet. There will be Before and After of this this in the next few week minus paint!
My mother told me that it is important to have pieces of furniture that are classic and will be in our home for a very long time. So, I'm afraid of messing w/ the authenticity of this buffet. But something has to be done, because it is truly too blasted yellow for me.

But check out the gain... It's devine!

POW! Ze wall

This wall is SICK! the picture does not do it justice... it's true chocolate and the stencils are Debbies art work. That girl has a steady hand =)
*Thanks Deb. I love what your do for your bestie LOL

Here's another shot

I will be upgrading to a true camera soon so, I will post clearer shot later. Did you notice the painted door? more on that HERE.

View from the kitchen.

I have to brag. Even my brother liked the changes... so he says LOL

Please, let me know what you think. Good or bad. Suggestions and tips your thoughts are welcomed =)

Thank you for Visiting!


Debra@Dejarenew.blogspot.com said...

I had a blast...can I do the rest of the wall? lol...the photo's look great.

Sheri said...

I think you should do the whole wall. It would give a better replication of your inspiration. If I were you I would also add that stencil to the front of your cabinet maybe with the wall paint that you used? Just my two sense. Lookin' good!

Gelft said...

Have you thought of glazing the maple buffet with a brown paint? You would still see the divine grain, but it would definitely tone down the yellowness.

Anything Pretty did it to her honey oak cabinets, and they ended up amazing.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

SO SO SO SO pretty! How lucky to have a friend that likes to stencil - I have NO patience when it comes to something that has to be so perfect ;) Looks fabulous.

Debra@Dejarenew.blogspot.com said...

haha Sheri! YES YES to the whole wall lol. There is no way she is letting me do the front of that wood but weirder things have happened :) I surely tried to get her to let me paint it. But its so pretty in person. She said NO WAY lol


Tara said...

It looks great,I'd do the whole wall as well..xx

Bargin Corner Princess said...

I lub when you guys give me suggestions.
@Deb go for it... My wall is all yours, but keep your paws off my buffet =)

@Gelft You are so very right... a brown glaze would be the perfect solution. Going to start researching how to accomplish that and if you know of any tutorials on how to do it, I'd love to look at it.

Sheri said...

Happy to see you are taking our advice. Be sure to post a picture of the fleur de lis beauty :)

Bargin Corner Princess said...

@Sheri I live for suggestions!! I welcome them =)
I'll get to it this weekend and hopefully will have an update for you all by early next week. Wish we could all have a shopping, painting party! YAY!

Meg said...

Good! Definitely all good! I love the stencils and the black accents on the table! I love it all!

Bargain Princess said...

@Meg Thanks for your encouraging words. I love suggestions =) Btw, your site is adore's!! I'm loving the kids projects... I hope we can linky up next week. Happy Thursday!=)

Anonymous said...

Great room and great job. I like how open and airy it is. I'm so over all the clutter and over accessorizing ;)

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

I love the inspiration photo! You're wall color is amazing!!! I just want to go up to it and lick it ;P Ohhh so yummy.

Great job :D

Bargain Princess said...

Carrie, thank you!! It truly is yummy wall =) I stood back and ran my hands all over it, it so purty. Thanks for following me! I hope to hear from you and your suggestions. I lub comments =)

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

LOVE your black door...great job painting it. I love the high gloss!

Bargain Princess said...

@Cassie- Thank you! I was so scared to do it, but once that first coat was on... I was so happy! I'm a black paint aficionada TEEHEE Wish everything in my house could be black, but I struggle w/ the organic feel of wood and how zen it can be in any space. Think black and wood match? =)
Keep following me!! I lub the comments and encouragements (I need it!) from you...