Friday, November 19, 2010

All Our Favorite Stores & More

I love walking around collecting idears of what I could create or save for for.. LOL

I love ottomas, lamps, CLOCKS, towels (specially PB towels), floating desks, antique furniture and so much more... 

Here was a day in the life of a shopoholic at JoAnne Fabrics w/ out money to spare Teehee

The fall foliage I'm not crazy about, but c'mon at 70% off I could be ready for next yr. 

Okay, these are my  fave... I love the green. So zen and my word of the month "organic". 

Gems, sparkles, glitter and more! Every girl needs her bling!

Even more sales... I'm packing my 50% off for the and I'm ready to stop on by tomorrow and check out the great deals. How many times do you frequent JoAnne's in a week?

Fabrics, Fabrics and more Fabrics!  I always walk out w/ a couple of rolls. 

Clearance section. I know you guys would tear it up! =) I do!

Tassels? where do you use them? Look where I put mine HERE


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Whos that good lookin tall girl looking at that red thing? Lol...Flattering picture thanks bestie :) Lub you.