Monday, November 28, 2011

Before the Holidays Kitchen Makeover

Sorry, I've been MIA. This work and family things is cramping my steelo AGH! But I took advantage of one day during the Thanksgiving break to bring some happiness into my kitchen as my 12 yr. Nelson would say.


I really do like the BROWN but I kept thinking it just wasn't bright or inspiring enough. I wanted something a bit unexpected... So, I used the same paint I used on THIS cedar chest that I sold on CL. It's Seqouia from @Valspar to brighten it up. Loved when Nelson came upstairs and said "mom this is a happy color. I love it!" Aww, makes my effort to change things so worth it.


I added the white mirror and put the original -too big for the space- rug under the table. But I apsolutly love how it turned out...

With a Xmas wreath... I'm working on a bow -maybe I'll find one at the $1 store-.

Phew! I love the long weekends. Wish I would of accomplished more then I did, but then... it's my time to RELAX and get things done little. by. little.

Next; redoing the backsplash!


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