Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Small Loo Re-Do

I enjoyed the red powder room for a bit, but then it started to seem too small and I was feeling
claustrophobic. So, I knew it was time for a "re-do".

Our loo is fairly small as it is and after many searches I read that a bold color could make a
room appear larger and grandiose, but in my experience of using bold and bright colors, I'll
say that wasn't so for us. In fact it made the loo smaller and more complicated to paint over.

Thank God I'm over the RED phase. It only lasted about a yr. and I was done. I rather have a
calmer environment... I feel myself calming down and relaxing in that surrounding vs. the
latter LOL so much so that I find that when I'm in a room w/ harsh, bright, bold and overpowering
colors, my anxiety is a tad bit higher. It takes me longer to de-compress and I'm less patient.

Here's the before; RED, loud, border line obnoxious =)

Unfortunatly the other pictures didn't com thru too well, but this is the after... (for now, until I get another idear in my head)

As it is today...
The touch lamp I found at the GW outlet for a whole dollar. It's nice for the kids to find their way in the middle of the night when I keep it in the first setting. The Fluer De Lis I found when Joanne Fabrics was closing in Dec. 09 for $1.50.

Forgive the weatherizing plastic on the window... but it has to be done in Michigan ;) That bathroom is in the back of the house where there are no trees and there is mayor breeze blowing threw there so, I had to let the cute go and saran wrap the window LOL

Still cute though... lml

Shower curtain from Marshalls that I found this summer for under $20. I also got the towels to "coordinate"

There is not much "pazzaz" in this here bathroom, but it sure does look bigger after the paint job...

I still have a couple more surprises coming to this room. I promise I'll have an update in the next two weeks.

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think so far or if you have any advice or tips for me.

Thanks for visiting =)

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Jennifer@Pieces of Me said...

HII! I just seen your post on Thrifty Decor Chicks FB page! Im soooo over RED TOOO! serious, makes me crosseyed! Your after photo is just LOVELY, I love the nice calm color youve chosen! I myself like calm soothing colors, and am also in ORB like you and TDC! Maybe a plant in there somewhere for some green? I also like roman shade? not sure if thats what its called but I likes!!! Job well done!!!


Debra@Dejarenew.blogspot.com said...

Although, when I look at this I don't see true red. Which is what my table and accessories are in my living room, well maybe those are cherry red, eh who knows. But I see used to see Cranberry in your old b-room. I would say at the time, I liked it. Especially when you had the mellow lighting going on. But I would say the lighter paint job and the complimentary shower curtain and shade do make it look bigger, cleaner and quite snexy! Good Job Momma!!!

Bargin Corner Princess said...

@Jennifer. Thank you for taking a look around my blog. I hear what you're saying... I will have to create a new foliage =)BTW, I love and welcome tips and suggestions, they can only make my space that much nicer when I miss a thing or two.

Bargin Corner Princess said...

@Debra I'm working hard at cleaning up our space... In the next two weeks I shall organize!! YAY. PS: please show off your dining room, it is a gorgeous and majestic room!! ;)

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Looks so much better without the red! Love the new color!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! What is the name of that new color? It is very soothing:)

Bargin Corner Princess said...

Awww! Thanks... I'm sticking w/ Behr Creamy Mushroom until another color gets my attention... btw, are you posting instructions on how to accomplish your tufted headboard.

Thanks for visiting and are you following me yet? I'd really like your suggestions and any tips to help me out ;)

Happy blogging!

Bargin Corner Princess said...

@Jess Thank you so much!! I'm so much happier w/ it. It truly looks clean (right before my boys get in it)=)
are you following me yet? I need help w/ my basement, could use some suggestions.