Friday, November 16, 2012

2012 Christmas List

Here's what's on our Christmas list this year.

Nelson is getting expensive. I mean he has turned out to be a very very expensive 13 year old. So, this year he gets 2 big items and books.

Jacob at 7 is a bit easier to impress. He's so simple. Anything that involves sound, moving, throwing or kicking is aokay by him.

Gotta love them!

One more day of shopping ( Black Friday) and it's a wrap! =D
This will be the big purchase of the year. New living room TV. Can't wait to play some 360 on this bad boy =D

Since Nelson loves my playbook so much, he gets his own.

Nelson and I each will be sporting new head wear! Whoooeee

Now, for my baby Jacob. He posed a challenge for me....

But here we goes.

I hope my lil Scientist enjoys this.

Carnivorous Creations - I absolutely love

POKEMON! Gotta love =D

Still thinking on this one. Not sure Jacob will be able to control his fearless nature on his thing.

This weekend I'll be hitting the book stores and loading up on books, puzzles and stocking suffers. 

Am I missing something?

Share your favorite finds for Christmas 2012


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Living Room - Houzz Inspirations

I'm certain I'm not the only addicted to Houzz. It has such beautiful inspirations. I better step up my game for the holidays this year. Maybe Cheri will help me get with it =D

If you've been following me for a bit, you all know I love black, white and beige. It might seem boring but I could care less. I love the way my soul feels in an open room. PEACE!

Postcard from Paris Home
Love the fireplace.
'Tis almost time to decorate the fireplace... Here's a sneek peek.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Living & Loving Life

WoW! it's been a long time since I've caught up with you guys.

I sure have miss blogging.

This year summer has been so full of excitments, adventures and laughters (oh, and work). I've had a great time with family and friends. Here's a quick recap.

Jenny and I ran into crazy pants Floyd Mayweather.

BTW, he's such a douche.

He was trying to get it in but we goofed him and he goofed us. Good times, really! =D

Even though in Sept. Jenny and I went to Vegas. We stayed at Mandalay Bay. Great hotel, far enough from the crowded strip but close enough to get into it every night. Whoooo that was a fun trip.


We gambled (very little). We ate (a lot). We saw (mostly hot guys and train wrecks). We slept (mostly by the pool).

Just a taste of what we looked at for 4 days. YUM! =D

Las Vegas Strip!

I had such a great time. We decided we will make it a yearly tradition to vacation together for 4 nights and I'm thinking NYC is next them Bahamas...

What a year! I am the happiest I've ever been =D

The boys are great. They are in swimming and band. Nelson is playing the clarinet.

He is so silly!

Here's my baby. Jacob. He's such a sweetness.

My mom decided this would be a great Xmas gift for Nelson.

Check out this great concert hall. No wonder he continues to get inspired =D

Check out this olympic size pool. Again, inspiration comes from your enviroment. Do you agree?

We. Are. Blessed.

Project updates coming soon.

Love and peace!


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Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Love of Hostas & more

As a beginer; I love the easy of Hostas (Hostaceae). They rapidly grow and for a low price are welcoming and enviting.

Besides being easy to care for they are long living and relatively disease free. I'm in!!

Hostas are perennials and I grow primarily for their beautiful foliage. I feed them once a month and water them ever other night. I've taken to them so well that I've researched the heck out of them. How many different types are there? How tall will they grow? Feeding needs? I'm your typical read it all!

Did you know there are as many as 45 different hostas?

They originated in Northeastern Asia and they were first introduced to Europe in the late 1700's and then came to the United States in the middle 1800's.

They reach their maturity in 4 - 5 yrs.

Although, Hostas are considered shade-tolerant plants, even if most do not thrive if grown in deep shade. Hostas prefer an exposure with morning sun and afternoon shade.
A minimum of 1 inch of water a week will contribute to their health. I've read in many plances that they prefer 1 inch of water a day. I water mine every evening on really hot days and normally every other day. The plant will let you know when it needs water. Look out for wilted leaves, burnt leaves and dropping leaves.

Hostas are edible but I wouldn't want a Hostas salad although, in Japan they are consumed everyday. They were once called Lily's and Funkia.

There is even a America Hostas Society.

There are a few that are currently my faves. Like the 'Francee' that's the one with the white edges.


Gold Standard

Blue Sky Nursery - Hosta GOLD STANDARD

Then there's Undulata.

Hosta 'Undulata Mediovariegata' (Undulata Univittata)

I can't pick which I like the most... I have all kinds of Hostas and my yard seems to love them.

Help keep your plants free of bugs and animal bites. That's rabbits, squirells and such. They can be brutal on these pretty plants. Do your research!

Hosta Regal Splendor. This is the one I'll be planting this weekend in the back yard.

Here are Hosta Garden Ideas


I love the hostas by the fence. This is exactly what I'm working towards, but the owner above does not like them. Think She'd let me have them? =D

So, what do you like or not like about Hostas?


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Check out this weeeks Hob Lob Sales

So, I decided to stop in at the local Hobby Lobby. Oh man, the beautiful things that are on sale right now... I will be revisiting tonight.

There were 4 isles of 60% off. I was drooling. My heart was racing. My eyes kept dancing from one beautiful thing to another.

Here's a peek at some of the sales... 

Look at this beautiful mirror! Wish I had a place for it. WHAAAA

These are cute. But again, no space for it in my teeny house.

Okay, these I totally lourve. I will find space for these =D

After all these beautiful these, I still restrained myself and walked out empty handed. =D


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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Belated Boston Show Off

Boston. Fun. Family. Adventure.

 Boys waiting for train.

On our way to ORD.


 and more ... Snack time.

Tablet time.

Jacob gives Amtrak thumbs up.

The boys really enjoyed the comfort and style of the train. We were able to nap, charge phones, tablets, cameras and have a few rounds of hang man, UNO and of course eat crappy food. Lol

Chillin' at the airport, waiting for our flight.

These two are such pro's. They know exactly what to do.
I'm extremely proud of them! And I must say, so far I've done a great job!!!

The next day we took the Red Line.

Harvard. Here we come!

Harvard. Nuff said.


John Harvard was from England and was not the founder of Harvard. He was the first be benefactor. He died in Cambridge at the age of 30 in 1638. There are no photographs of the man.

Nelson was inspired by Harvard. Let's hope it sticks! =D

Three of my favorite boys.
They are my heart!

I love how you can see them in motion.

On the T.

Can you picture the horse and buggies?

Boston Common. Did you know they preformed public hangings in the park in the 1600's?

It was an absolutly georgeous day for walking.

This is where we started to follow the Freedom Trail.

Q: Can you name this building and it's history?
A: Massachusetts State House

Since Nelson's done this a few times in Boston, he's guiding us through.  Man, my kid has spirit and has become a great little man.

Red line, check out those curves. 

That night we got sleepy doo.

The next morning we were up super early. Breakfast at Au bon pain and more exploring with Tio.

In Cambridge. Waiting for Bud aka Laurie. My dearest and longest friend. I've known her for over 20 yrs. She is has been my sister and best friends even thou we live miles away.

After almost 4 hrs of walking...

China Town

On our way back to Cambridge.

By late 2013 the boys and I will be Bostonians!

Amtrak. Home bound.

What a beauty this place was. Best city ever. Okay, I lie. NYC is! =D
Btw, I'm finally blogging from my tablet and I love it! =D


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