Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sneak Peek of my DIY Starburst Mirror

I am a mirror freak... you could never have too many (is that my vanity speaking?). I saw these and WOWZA the price is insane.

HomeGoods Mirror from Facebook

So, I am currently working on to re-create your own starburst mirror. Can't wait to show it off on Saturday. =D

I'm excited to share this and hear from you!!


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This weeks finds

I went treasure hunting w/ Cheri I didn't find anything too over the top, but I did manage to find a Longaberger set of 2 mini candles- evergreen orange for .30 cents  YAY! Sure beats THIS 

I know Christmas is over w/ and the jars have the small snow flakes on them, but they smell delish and I put them up high on the entertainment center so you can't even tell.

... this great topiary flower form will be fun to work with this weekend =D

... this awesome SureFit love seat slipcover which I don't know that I will keep since it's removed from what I really like. What do you think?

Best find of the week
 I'm going to YUCK to this cover... didn't fit at all and it makes the couch look like my G'mas couch =D

My camera died so, I used the phone sorry 'bout the bad pictures. But these slipcovers are a NO GO!

All in all it was a good week for finds. Although, I'm still on the hunt for that gentlemen dresser or armoire that I can paint white.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ikea Wish List

Oh my I'm so excited about my trip to Ikea in 2 more months... I wanted to share this years Ikea wish list.

Ektorp Ikea Couch
Ektorp w/ chaise
This one in WHITE sofa goes for $399. The sofa w/ chaise $499. YAY!! That is so do-able. I can't wait to bring that home.

Then, I was thinking about a red pedestal round side table like this one from Crate and Barrel if I go w/ the sofa. Although it's beautiful I really want to avoid RED for the next year or so... I'm a bit burned out by RED everywhere =D

So, since the red won't work right now, I'm leaning towards the obvious black or...sofa table behind the couch for a lamp and accents.

 Hemnes Sofa Table

I'm thinking that the sofa w/ chaise is the best solution, but the sofa table will cost me an additional $169. Does anyone know if Ikea has coupons? LOL

These I'll scoop up because I will be reupholstering w/ them.

Bleached Merete 2 curtain panels
I have those in my living room and bedroom and I have to say... that I absolutely love them. They are heavy but yet they still let some glow in.

This is my shortest Ikea wish list ever. But then I have so save some mula for HomeGoods =D


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Featured BlogSpot

My friend Cheri is starting to blog and it'd be great to show her some support and encouragement from all blogg-ettes.

Cheri's not much of a crafter, she rather spend time, sweat and money adding value to her home, she has great ideas for improvements on a budget and I'm totally down w/ that! =D

Pennies on dime design
Stop on by and check out her page.


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Painting tips from a not so pro

I've done a lot of painting this past year. Wow, I wonder all in all how many gallons of paint I've gone thru. Must have been about 20 or more. But I bet some of you have probably used even more then that.

So, I have a little tip for you. Line your paint tray w/ a plastic bag or saran wrap. I opt for the plastic bag I bring home from the grocery store. I always save them (specially because I will use them for a summer project).

It started to unravel, but you want to make sure it's on securely to give you a smooth roll. I sometimes use tape.

When finished just fold over the bag and voila! you are all done. The only thing left to do is wash your brushes and maybe replace your foam rollers (I still haven't mastered washing and reusing those). When I figure out an easy way to get the foam rollers cleaned up I'll share those w/ you.

Good as new! And I just saved a couple of bucks by lining it w/ plastic bags. Can't wait to see how you guys put this to use.

Next tip:

Paint w/ a wet brush. It stops the paint from getting all the way down to the handle (Yuck! this makes it hard to clean).

I know, I know. I wasn't sure about this one, but I promise... It works! I seriously managed to get the brush clean w very little water YAY!! Think Smart. Think Green!

What tips do you have for making painting easier?

Put them out here! =D


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Thursday, January 13, 2011

CL Cha Ching!

I really loved THIS coffee table. Back to what I was telling you about that ginormous coffee table... I measured the darn thing and it's 5ft x 2 1/2 ft. HUGE!!  I grabbed it for it's simple lines and I thought would be great for adding baskets and for the boys to do homework on, play and draw but it was just too big.

Oh well! I turned it into a profit =D

Listed it on CL for $60 but after she walked thru my house for it she offered me $80 for painting it white and adding glass knobs. Jeez! I felt like I up sold it in 5 mins. Remember I paid $1-2 for it at GW.. Not bad!

I have to say I'm very cautious over the whole CL thing and them coming over to my house so, I always try to be as careful as possible. I know it's not a guarantee but I try and try harder to protect myself. So, I start off w/ emails then phone calls so I can their address when I get their name off the caller ID. If it's a woman and I've had several conversations w/ her, I'm okay w/ them coming over to "look at it" or "pick it up".

This lady turned out to be a total doll! and her baby was the cutest ever. I lucked out she wasn't a murdered =D

And this is what I did w/ it and sold at $80 (she still thought she was getting a deal and was happy)

Do you sell on CL? Do you tend to up sale? Do they ever email you asking if you have other pieces to sell? What is your total profit on what you sell on CL?

Next time I'll have a couple of painting tips that will save you quite a bit in 2011.


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Monday, January 10, 2011

Family and stuff is taking over my bloggy time

Oh boy! am I glad the holidays are over!! I thought it would end... lol

I have resolved to start the year off w/ a different financial plan and that has taken over a lot of my time. Not to mention family and friends over the holidays... now we are back to "normal" or as normal as we can be.

The plan this year is to increase savings and plan a couple of trips for this summer w/ the boys. I've been consumed w/ making this happen so, I've spent a lot of time on CL selling a lot of the extra goodies I've collected over the years thru GW and CL.

Unexpectedly I've even agreed to painting some of the pieces for the buyers... so normally what I did as a hobby or a means to save a piece and money has somehow turned into extra income. Has this happen to any of you?

This is the coffee table that started it all

I'm painting it white and she requested lightly distressed... Sshhhh I'm not an expert distressed. But I told her that I will attempt to do my best. She also wanted the glass knobs that I have so, I charged her an extra $10 for them. In the end I guess this will help w/ this summers family trip.

Well, I best get back to painting.

But I will be sure to share the final results and what she thought of her coffee table.


Happy 2011!! When dreams till come true =D