Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Hanging Light

I've seen these on a few blogs and I couldn't help but try it *yes, I steal great ideas* =D

I've been holding on to this Restoration Hardware lamp shade for a little over 1 yr. that I got from GW for $.30 cents (I know, I can't believe I find these awesome things) so, why not put it to good use? No reason!! So, I went for it!

I picked up a lighting cord w/ the plug in that came w/ the on and off switch. I also grabbed a light bulb socket.

I like to line everything up in sequence... It gives me a plan of attack.

1. Line everything up.

2. Feed wire thru lamp shade (with a 12' cord you have lots of slack).
3. Continue to feed wire thru extra thread and thread thru socket.

14' Restoration Hardware Empire shade in Goldenrod $44

 4. Unscrew the socket and wire the ends to the socket (not to tightly, but securely).

5. Screw everything back in place (make sure it's secure but not too tight).

6. Use the screw hooks or whatever you call them =D to the ceiling and BLAMO!!

Enjoy your new haning lamp that cost under $15.

All an all, it took about 15mins to put together and hang. I'm speedy like that =D

Don't you just love the floor space? I love that I can have extra seating there and that it has the perfect mood lighting...

Confession: What the heck do I do about the cord that hangs on the wall? my 12yr old hates the white cord against my BEHR creamy mushroom paint... does that make this project a fail?

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Rhe Christine said...

I love DIY! yay!!!!!! Can't wait to read more! thanks for sharing your craftiness ;)

Bunny Jean said...

I have wanted to try my hand at making a hanging lamp. You made it look like I could also do that. Thanks for sharing.

I am hosting a party for newish bloggers. Come on by to check it out.

xoxo Bunny Jean

Honey at 2805 said...

Hi! I'm impressed with your light! A suggestions on the cord: Make a fabric sleeve for it. (do you sew?) Using about 2 1/2 times the length sew a sleeve (or use a fabric glue).Thread your cord through it and you will have a scrunchy cord cover. You can find the premade at Hobby Lobby.

I'm following you to!

Bargain Corner Designs said...

@Honey- Thanks for the suggestion! I was planning on that because the cord just looks janky. I'm looking for fabric...

I'm following you too. Love what you do =D