Sunday, July 31, 2011

DIY Chalkboard Clock

I was sitting at home on Saturday night under the air and fan and it was still so unbearably hot and the boys were already sleeping, but I can't ever seem to sit still... I must make something!!

you probably know that PB has had the chalkboard clocks on and off... it inspired me over a yr ago to get splash some paint on this one.

On one of my GW shopping sprees; I found this neat little 10' HobLob lock for under a $1.00. Something was wrong w/ it and it wouldn't run. Well, I got it home; added a new battery, tightened the hands and used it for bit as it is...

then it started begging to be different. I gave in to it

1. I lightly sanded the clock face

2. Painted the hands w/ WHITE spray enamel
3. Painted the clock face w/ chalkboard paint

while it dried, Tequi and I chilled;

I made myself a treat specially since I've been super good about food this week

Tequi just laid as I'm thinking "AGH! get off my couch!"

once dried I "distressed" it

re-attached the hands



yes, it really was 2:30 in the A.M. I sometimes suffer of "lack of sleep".

Easy Peasy! What do you think? will you do this?


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Deborah March said...

SO cute!

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

This is awesome, but I love a good chalkboard paint project! Thanks for the inspiration!