Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's MY Birthday!!!

YO! it's my Bday!!!

I'm blessed for having such great kids. They are fun, respectful, smart, leaders, outgoing, gentle, controlled and they are always welcomed and loved no matter where they go.

I'm blessed for having a great family that stand behind me. My brother is a flipping genius! He is brilliant, strong, elegant, educated, kind, lovable... I could go on. My mom is smart, she's an educator. With out her the family sorta gets weak but she has a tough exterior but she's so fragile only we know it =D. My dad is centered, spiritual, calm, pensive and always ready to give LOVE.

I have a nice house, a great job, loyal friends, crazy loving family. What else could I ask for? How about a boyfriend!!! is Donnie Wahlberg available?

Whoopee forgive me while I take a breather from all my @DonnieWahlberg thoughts... Pssst make sure to follow him on tweeter. He's so inspiring and his WOW's are moving... they are always spot on, but avoid the crazy chicks on there. They will drive you crazy w/ their constant @NKOTB talk. It's as if that's all they do and think about... But the @DonnieWahlberg followers are a riot!

Okay back to my BDay. PARTY!


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