Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kick Butt Washer and Dryer

First thing I did this Spring.

I purchased a new washer and dryer. I was so tired of replacing or fixing the ol' things I've had for 15 yrs. That I just went for it.

It was an expensive purchase, but I don't regret it one bit. They are beautiful!!! It's slower then the ol' Maytag, but I'm hoping that by yr. end I will start to see more saving in my energy and gas bills.

Picking it was challenging since there are so many great machines out there, but the price point was the second priority in this purchase. I really wanted a red set but, get real those are over 1k each and these in white were $1800 out the door w/ employee discount. So, I splurged and I lourve them YAY!!



They are gorgeous!! I could lick them =D

Installing them was a challenge it took 3 men, 3 trips to the Lowes and in the end little ol' me did it all by myself. Hmmm, why do we need men for anything but lifting heavy things? =D

I'm really impressed by what they do. But again, they do take 2 x's the time of the regular top loader washers and if you choose to use Eco wash, it's 1 whole hr. That's still taking some getting use to but in the long run it's worth it.

I love the LED display, how incredibly quiet they are (seriously, no noise or rattling at all), they are 30" deep but a little on the short side since I didn't get the bases... they are EXPENSIVE so that comes next spring. =D

So, if your in the market for a new washers and dryer take your time picking the right one for you and you should be fine. 

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