Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby and Mami date night

I wish I could share Jacob w/ the world. He is so inspiring, lovable, patient, fun, daring, gentle and yet he's has quite the character.

Time for a bit of show boating =D

Jacob; enjoys reading, drawing, models, swimming, traveling, rollercoasters, kung fu and guitar lessons.

He has so much personality. He's respectful and very obidient. I have never ever gotten a complaint about his behavior or in general. He's a good listerner and I enjoy every second I spend w/ him. So, it was time for a Jacob and mami day. Jacob will change the world!!!

We started off w/ Craigs Cruisers. Wish I would have thought of taking pictures but we were too busy having fun.

Then we were off to dinner and bowling.

Go Jacob! Knock them down!

Great shot buddy!

Oh oh, there was a curve in that.

So upset he couldn't strike, but hey you weren't too far off of score from your mami. =D

Checking the score board...

I don't remember the scores, but trust me when I say; it really wasn't too far off of mine *embarrased grin*

I will try to start sharing more on the boys because they are just halarious and they are so lovable! My cup runneth over w/ how much everyone wants to be a part of their lives.


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