Thursday, July 21, 2011

WOW! it's been far too long!

I have so many updates for you. So, much has happen in the last few months. I can't believe I even have time to blog today.

1. We didn't go to Disney as my last post shows *sad face* But we did replace that w/ summer camp, Myrtle Beach, Chicago and family reunion in New York. Whoooeeee it's been FUN!

2. Nelson (my 11 yr old) went to summer camp for the 3rd yr in a row and loved it. He made so many friends in it and they will be getting together at my house the in the next week. Just imagine a basement, back yard and street w/ 5 12 yrs boys. It will be nuts!!! WHHHAAAA

3. Myrtle Beach; was okay. I wasn't impressed or blown away by it. In fact; It's a closer Florida YUCK! I will only return if it's CHEAP. Otherwise, blah. There are other places I rather go. Like Denver, New Mexico, San Diego, New York, New Orleans, etc.

4. Chicago was an easy day trip to IKEA. I came back with a new bed which I will be sharing in the couple of days. YAY for IKEA!!! =D

5. NEW YORK; I am in love w/ this city. I always say if you haven't been to NYC you haven't been anywhere! and I mean that. It is beautiful. Full of life. Everything is eclectic and energized plus, all my family still lives there and most in New Jersey. I can't wait to return. I will be posting pics very soon...

So, if you haven't noticed I've been a little overwhelmed this summer w/ kids, summer activities, projects, work, mini vacations, shopping for a new car, shopping for a new house, planning our family trip to Italy next yr. and life in general. I promise to come back w/ a BANG! so hold on to your nickers cause I'm going to share every bit of information w/ you!!! WHOOOOEEEE

PS: I've been told by many a people to write a monthly blog on child rearing and I'm seriously considering it. But I will be sure to let everyone know if I decide to do this and if I do would really like for everyone to participate and make it more of a discussion or open forum on tips, advice and support for moms.



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