Sunday, October 31, 2010

Basement Before & After

I can't believe how many small changes have been done and how many more there are to go. The kitchen and bath were RED. Today they are bit more demure and warm in NEUTRAL.

Biggest Before & After; the basement. This took 4 months to complete and I'm still working on it... AGH =) My plan is to have it all done up by New Years *yeah right* Lol

I love our 1/2 bath. It makes it so much easier to hangout in the basement and the boys having their friends over for the night, not to mention family & friends not having to fight over the powder room when it's a full house.

Fireplace; I choose to have the top of the brick fireplace covered w/ drywall (no screws in it) we just had a couple of 2x6's added long ways and the drywall floating over it. The 2x6's add support for a t.v, mirror or art, all w/ out ruining the brick.

Here it is today...

 Still have to add molding and go thru my tickle list and get all those odds and ends completed. Oh, how I wish I had extra time and a few pair of hands to help me. But I'll get it done!

Little things here and there that I'm not thrilled about.

For instance, I think the living space is too crowded. I will be moving stuff around in the next week since I'm in the look out for a couch that will be NEUTRAL and open.

But don't you love what it transformed too after 4500 dollars I think it was way worth it since the first bid was of 9K the second was 7K and the final cost was 4K but if you include the 1/2 bath plumbing another 500.

I have been using furniture we had, hand me down's or GW finds. So, I have not spend much on furnishing. That will come later. I have a plan! =)

Half bath. I had a pocket door added to keep the space open. Yes, it does cost more and it takes pre-planning but it was a fantastic solution. I'm loving our pocket door, too bad I couldn't add it else where.

This bathroom is big, NEW and always clean. I hope to add a shower in the next 2 yrs.

See the curtain? that is where the shower will go in a couple of yrs. but for now the curtain hides the electrical box and it's become useful for storage. I have a shelf in there where I try to organize things onto and keep things on hand.

I like how it looked w/ the white canvas better. I might have to incorporate that in for Xmas *wink*

This is what it looked like a month ago, but I wanted to change it around. Now like I said I feel the way it looks today is awfully crowed and boxed in. So, tonight while I watch Desperate Housewives I will make some changes.


Anonymous said...

What a dramatic difference! It looks like you put a lot of work into it, and what a cozy space you have now. Great job!

Bargin Corner Princess said...

Thank you!! That motivates me to keep at it! Because there is still more work to be done before the holidays...