Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GW for NEW couch

After many months of searching for a small sectional everywhere and losing patience. That is Big Lots, American Freight, Value City Furniture, World Market. Seriously, it was impossible to find a small cozy sectional at the right price. but I was convinced I'd find the perfect one. I sold the BLACK futon for $125 on CL. Stashed the $125 away and hoped to break even with a brand new couch.

And then today I found this gem.
She was sitting in the corner at the GW just waiting for me to adopt her =D 
Dimensions: Sofa 84"W x 38"D x 38"H

She came w/ a broken leg and a broken side bar, but as you all know... I see potential! But the couch was priced at $279 last week. Then today at $179. I talked them down to $100 before I had fully thought it thru to whether or not it could be repaired. Then there was the issue of it being blue. I figured "well, maybe it's time I leave my comfort zone of browns, tans, whites and black and bring in different hues. BLUE! That's an organic color right?

But I had one more step to take. Before buying her, I had to call Ashley Furniture and ask some serious questions on the damage of the legs (NOT THE FRAME); does that compromise durability, warrantee, stability of the couch? How could I repair it? would my replacing the leg compromise the couch? They quickly offered to send me a new leg and side bar with instructions for FREE!!! Oh my! *on the cell fone leaving the office to run back to GW* then a call to Cheri. She's the only girl I know that has a truck that I can use and she never complains =D Thanks CHERI!

WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!! A $100 for a brand new couch an w/ warranties including. Okay, okay. Am I being punked? where's the hidden camera? Ashton Kutcher?

I got the best deal of the month on this beautiful couch that is originally priced at $599. I love the straight lines, I'm not a fan of a bubbly round edges (yes, I know it goes against everything feng shui). I'm gaga over the bright nail head design, the Showood accent around the couch, the firmness and the velvety fabric. I'm hoping this will lighten up the room.

After removing the side door and squeezing it thru the slider doors from the back yard and then the stairs *Oh boy, I'm reminded that I MUST loss weight* Here she sits in my basement... please ignore the red accents. As you all know I'm so over the RED! ICK!!! *I see a garage sale in my future* Jenny can you hear me!! =D

How about the nail heads?

Don't forget. It. Was. $100. From $150. For a brand new couch at GW. YAY!

Now let the search and saving begin for the chair and ottoman. Or I can always consider two leather chairs from VCF.

Oh Goodwill, how I love you more and more each day... Thanks for all the beautiful finds!

Look at how pretty she is. YUM! I can't wait for late fall to lay on it, cozy up w/ warm blanket next to my fireplace and some hot cocoa.

Do you remember the candle holders I got from a garage sale this summer? if not see them HERE

and check out the basement HERE  I'd love some tips on furniture positioning.


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Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Lucky!! It is soooo beautiful!!

Comeca Jones said...

Man I am jealous!

Angie Bennett said...

I had the very same couch and love seat until yesterday due to a sprinkler burst. I am in the market for a new set, but you shout know that the couch retails for $559 and the loveseat retails for $539. You got a heck of a deal for a truly gorgeous sofa!