Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kitchen $30 light update

Ikea to the rescue!!!

Ikea LEDING track light

These are small but heck, my kitchen is small and w/ 2 of these it did the trick.

This was I call the boob light. It's not bad just a bit bland. Almost blends into the ceiling. But I wanted some thing different then the same light I've been looking at for yrs. that all my friends have hanging in their houses up right now... So, I removed it.

Pretty easy to do, even on your own.

And voila! Here we have the Ikea LEDING track lighting for $15 each.

Here's what it looks like in both teeny areas.

Notice the white mini tiles on the back splash that is unfinished. It is.. I started putting them up and immediately hated it. It's just weird! I have other ideas but I have to marinate in them first.

If you have any ideas please feel free to shot them my way and of course keeping in mind that I'm looking for a bargain back splash.

Looking forward to all your thoughts and tips!


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Comeca Jones said...

Nice addition!

Bargain Corner Designs said...

Thanks! It was so easy to do... And here I was scared of electrical work =D have a great Wedn.