Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fail Lamp Rescued

Oh man, I had my heart set on making it metal and rusted. Gotta tell you, that didn't work on my patience to well. Some days I can take the heat and other days I just want to move on from whatever I'm doing. This was one of those projects. BORING!
I found this lamp sitting all by it's self on a shelf at Target this weekend. Very heavy, ceramic, fugly purple lamp. ICK! I could cringe! But check out the price $10.39. Are you serious? I'm on it! I had so many great ideas for this.

Here's idea number 1. Silver leafing. I immediately hated it.


Operation Rescue Mission is ON!

After using my using my handy dandy can of white Rustoleum spray paint heres what she looks like now. I love how she turned out after a quick sanding, priming and spraying. Ain't she pretty!? I like it so much more then the silver leafing...

Ignore the afgan on the couch. It's so Roseanne! =D

Here's the finial. A very old one I found at the GW for a few pennies that has been painted BLACK, GOLD
and now WHITE. I love the pineapple on top.

The lamp shade I found at Lowes on their clearance isle for $10, Lamp Target $10. I love what this turned into.

So what do you think, should I had continued w/ the silver leafing or do you prefer the white w/ BROWN shade?


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Michelle said...

I like the white better than the silver!

Bargain Corner Designs said...

Yes, it's so much better in white. Thanks for liking it =D

Check back for the great pc. of furniture I grabbed yesterday.

whitney said...

Love the white! And the lamp shade - Turned out great!

Bargain Corner Designs said...

Thanks Whitney! Easiest project yet =D

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

I like it in the white and the shade looks great with it.

carsuch said...

Love the white! Great find and great buy!

Bargain Corner Designs said...

Thanks everyone! I truly loves how it looks... I must get more lamps to redo! =D