Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm not hiding, just cleaning

My aunt is coming from Tennessee next week so, I'm moving my butt pretty fast around here to get some things in order. Like the basement, the kitchen back splash (which is in immediately need of "something").

I'm cleaning *boring! I rather DIY*


And while that's going I can get to the rest.

Love my followers! so, come back and check it out in a week. 

Maybe, just maybe I'll have some accomplishments to share *mischievous grin*


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Tina Peterson said...

You have been busy! I cleaned the bathroom today - and of course the tub stopped up and drained slow.... but it did drain finally. Great post - enjoy your clean house & family. =D

I think we're already following each - thought I'd say hi! =D

Tina "The Book lady"