Tuesday, September 13, 2011

While my aunts been here... I've managed to do a bit of shopping. Well, really window shopping.

This little store we found in Battle Creek, Mi. You wouldn't believe the jems he had sitting around. They were over priced for what I'm used to paying or like to pay, but hey! he's in it for the bottom line. I'm in it to create and feed my addiction to re-purposing.

This dresser was priced above $600. *moving on*

Hutch $1500

Crosby radio sporting missing knobs, missing back, water damaged covered by the junk on top $150

None working Radio with missing backing $350

Broken lunch box with replaced handled $10 the painted one on the back $25

Look at the sea of vintage furniture. Gosh I sure hope this place doesn't catch on fire or flood because although he is over priced... some of his pieces are beautiful.


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