Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Amature Slip Cover Maker

I finally have a sewing machine and I'm plagued w/ thoughts of what to sew... I sit at work diagramming and plotting my sewing projects. SHHHHH =)

The plan is to get better at pinning, cutting and sewing... and for that I have a HUGE project planned (and it does not include slip covering the couch). On my little pub table that has now turned into my sewing corner...

Here's what I came up w/ last weekend.

This chair was in desperate need of a dress and you won't believe me that I found 6 yards of this beautiful teflon fabric at the GW sale this past Saturday... Oh! I flipped when I saw a bunch of women pick it up and throw it back in the bin. I ran for it!!! =) and when I got her, she was perfect. Clean and not a stain in sight...

I need to paint to the legs to match the desk but I couldn't help it... had to show off my sewing skills (or lack there of) and how pretty she looks.


Here it is all together! Thoughts? **Seriously, this clock has been all around my house =) but I think this is it's permanent home for now.

 ... a peek at the basement in progress ...

I found this foot stool at the GW last yr. and I've been planning to cover it but for some reason it seemed overwhelming, yet it only took me 30mins. to make.. LOL


The pumpkins is what I'm working on for next Thanksgiving, this year I'm far more in to completing this blasted basement, sewing and Christmas decorations.

AGH! should of removed the pumpkin before taking this picture... =)

Do you "I spy" my foot stool that matches my chair... I'm hoping to have some pillows completed to show off this Saturday when guests stop by.

I would love to hear what you guys think of the changes... can't wait to hear!!


bargin-decore-mom said...

I love the chair! Looks great! Good work

Bargin Corner Princess said...

Thanks! Can't wait to see what projects you have up your sleeves for this weekend =)