Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bedroom Make over

I wish I was better at taking "before" pictures but I'm not.

I've had some great luck finding things on sale lately. Found the pillows at Target, they were on sale for $10 each. The crackled glass lamps were a garage sale find last week and the 70's clock on my night stand was a GW find for .30 cents and it works! YAY!!

The sheets are new from Target, I already had the mirror, and the frames are GW finds that I sprayed white. 

I want to add more frames above the bed, but I haven't made up my mind as of yet. I don't want to over crowd...

The lamps were a great find last week. They don't require DIY, but possibly some new shades if I find the perfect drum ones and since as of now Target wants $24 each for the ones I want, I'll wait.

 Here's a closer shot of the lamp. A'inght she perfect? I'm obsessed w/ clocks!! What can I do? LOL

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Jen said...

SO classic - clean and beautiful!