Sunday, October 17, 2010

This weeks finds and more

Here's the fabush garage sale lamp... oh so, chic.

Here's what she looks like bedside. See more bedroom updates here.  

Target on Thursday. Look at all those great baskets. I'm def. going to have to set some monies aside for a storage one.

This one was my favorite. I didn't bother looking at the price because she will be mine soon. =)

I grabbed this on for $10 in the clearance section, which is the first place I go. Hmmm, and I think I will use her as a tray on my bed. That to come later.

Saturday flee market. These guys have been in the same lot for yrs. and when I want a slice of "made in chine" this is where I go. Reminds me of all the goods on the NYC side walks.

Good stuff, I'm just a bit reluctant since I don't think they are organic. But to support local vendors, I will pick up a few things...

Oh my! these are the days when my negociating skills come to good use. Once I sweet talked the vendor, I walked out of there w/ two HUGE pots of yellows and a small burgandy, for $6.00. And that's after he had orginally quoted me 2 for $10 for the big ones and 2 for $8 on the little ones.

This is on our way to finding a slushy and Jacob was having a great time... 

I wish you could have seen all the stuff on this table. I at first thought it was junk, but then I got closer and I spyed some pretty nice stuff on there...

More farmers...

And at the end of this adventure, we crammed the flower pots in the truck.

 Joanne Fabrics. I want 4 yards of this faux weaved leather STAT!

Saturday quick stop thru GW.

Cutte counter top lamp $1

Now, I'm on ze hunt for crown molding and Christmas decorations... 

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