Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm proud to be square!

Okay I know the Android thing is getting a bit old for some, but not to me LOL Specially since I keep discovering new ways of using it and making my life easier.

Like the Square! What is the Square? it's a portable credit card reader and processor that is the size of a square Jolly Rancher.

I received mine yesterday and started playing w/ it right away and I love it. I will keep it in my wallet at all times. No joke!


This little thing (Square) plugs in to your fone and allows you to swipe any credit card, populating the CC number on to the screen.

You input the amount and how this money will be transferred to you. Your options are Cash, Card or Cancel. 

Yikes! sorry about the fingerprints

 I ran my Visa for $1.00 just to show you.

Took mine out, just in case =D

You'll feel a vibrations as it's reading the card number. Give it 5 seconds to read and register the CC number on to your account (I'll get to that in a minute). OH OH the app and reader are FREE!!

It will ask you for a signature so, you should always have the card holder in front of you for a signature. Make sure they use their finger pads and not nails, that's one of my pet peeves =D

The blue button on the bottom right of the screen is the continue button.
Once accepted you will see the "send a receipt" screen. Again you have choices on how you want to do that. SMS or Email. I choose SMS. Simple and I can add the number to a separate spread sheet I made in excel (in the fone) that I can merge to my home computer.

Once I send the receipt, I see this...

I literally received the SMS receipt w/ in seconds! Oh I'm loving this.

Going back to the beginning, you have to sign up w/ your market account on your fone. I have T-Mobile and it's called Market. Download Square. Sign in and make sure you are in.

Once that's done go online and add an account (I have my play checking account added to it) and that is where I transferred my $1 to and it worked TEEHEE! *account verification required*

Now, there are processing fees but I don't mind that. I mean, we all used and still use Pay Pal and they have the highest fees out so, I don't mind managing my intake and deposits for even a smaller fee. I'm cool w/ that.
Square currently accepts US issued Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. And I hear they will soon be accepting HSA and spending flex accounts. WHOOO!

I will soon add a vid highlighting all the features, just remember I'll be using my Samsung Galaxy S so your format might be different.

Keep in mind this is the first of it's kind so it might not always be seamless, but as tech crazy person... I love how much easier things are w/ a little technology around you.

Here's the web site. Take a look and please let me know if this is something that you might use.

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