Thursday, February 10, 2011

Confess it Thursday!

I have so much guilt I felt like confessing.

I confess that _________________

1. I love to sleep
2. I smile everyday even if no one sees me
3. I'm looking for the perfect man (Donnie Wahlberg call me)
4. I twitter far too often =D  @rabellin - find me!!
5. I love love love silence!!

Don't you feel like confessing some? Go for it leave me a comment, I promise not to tell anyone =D

List 1 or 5 confessions. Positive or negative, but positive confessions is so much more fun, isn't it?

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Comeca Jones said...

One confessional. Big problem! I have too many unfinished projects and know excuse as to why I haven't been gettin them done.My home isnt a mess but I know that it could be better...sigh.One thing at a time root for me I know the weekend has to bring more productivity. said...

Thanks for commening on my table makeover pookie!!! xoxo wub ya.

Almost 100 followers! SWEEETTTT.