Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sick, Shmik! it's dresser makeover time

So, I'm still under the weather. Some strange bug has hit me and my throat is dreadfully painful. I can't talk, swallow, turn my head, bend down... All and all it's been miserable. 

But I decided months ago to paint my bedroom dresser and I did! Oh Lord what a painful task if was and although I had tears in my eyeballs half the time, I forged ahead and got it done. As well as I could do!

In a week or so when I'm feeling better, I will touch it up again and make sure it's all in order. 

Here's the before; I don't think it was terrible, but in such a small space I needed to brighten it up and it does make a difference. 

Did you notice I left the top black? That was Jacobs idea. He's such a great helper =D Love him everyday more and more!!!

I spy paint on my wood floors. I will scrape it off tomorrow

Do you think I should go w/ brushed nickel or glass knobs? 

Or these?

I've been looking everywhere for some interesting knobs and can't seem to find some. Not even on Etsy. 

These I found at Uneek Glass Fusions and I would die for them, they are $24 each that's almost $300 for the 12 knobs I need OUCH!! But they sure are darling... 

Either way knobs will be on hold until next weekend, but if you know of any place I can get some cool knobs please leave me a comment and include the link.

BTW, do you think the antique WHITE looks too shabby? =D

Thanks so much for looking. Looking forward to your comments.

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Susana said...

I would go with the brushed nickel knobs!

Returning the follow love ~ thanks for visiting my blog.

Susana ~ Btips and Co.

Joselyn@The DIY Spot said...

You did a great job! I like the contemporary glass fusion knobs. Perhaps you can find some look alikes at a home improvement store.

the cape on the corner said...

looks great, especially that it's two toned, love that! either knob would work...i guess it depends if you like a more modern or more romantic type style. with the straight lines in the dresser, i'd go with brushed nickel.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh you did a great job! What a transformation.Either one of the knobs would look great on this piece.
I am so glad I found your blog. Really like it!

Christine said...

thanks for linking this up with my Show and Share party! It looks great (and I totally understand the paint on the floor, lol). I have found cute knobs at Cost Plus.
Also, have you been to the doctor for your throat? I suffered needlessly with this for 4 days once 'cuz I didn't realize that it was bacterial, not viral. I actually had this 2x in a year. :-P not fun. Hope you feel better soon.

Creative Ambitions said...

I like the white Rosanna! Hobby Lobby and home improvement stores sell handles. Hobby Lobby has some pretty glass ones. Great job!! :)