Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paper Bag Basket and my first FAIL

I have all these grocery store paper bags that I've been saving up for a project... Although this is not what I wanted it for, I was some what on a roll tonight and so I wanted to see if I could turn it into a basket.

So, here you have it. I'll make it short.

1. I cut the bottom part of the paper bag, since it fit under the side table perfectly.

2. I measured all 5 sides of the bag.

3. Cut. Sew. Sew. ( I wasn't too concerned w/ sewing straight. See that? =D )

4. All in all this was a failed project. I will play w/ it a bit more and share w/ you all what I came up with.

Let me know what tips or suggestions you might have for me... I love hearing from you!!

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Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for following me, Lub your blog too!!! I like the idea of your bag basket.

Bargain Princess said...

Aww thanks!! Don't forget to follow me =D I love to hear what everyone has to say...

Lyra at Ces't la Vie Events said...

newest follower! found you on facebook and liked your page there. please stop by our page and return the link love:)

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Bargain Princess said...

Bonjour Lyra, génial! Parlez-vous français?

I love followers and comments but New Yorker are the best. I miss the city! =D Planing being back in the next 2-3 months for a short visit =D

BTW, I'm returning the love and following you back! Hope to keep hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

wow that basket bag thing is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

Bargain Princess said...

Awww thanks for the follow lub!! looking forward to your future comments =D

B.Large said...

I think is totally creative and green thinking! Love it! Thanks for following! I'm on board your train now too!
Take care can't wait to see what else there is!