Friday, August 6, 2010

Small precious corners

These are a few of my favorite things...

GW $20. I smile every time I dust her. BRNB 32 inch LCD GW $100 I treat her like kindly =)

Pottery Barn lamp from a garage sale $5.00

Vintage books from GW $1.00

Another "catch all" love the bugs on this tin can. GW $.30

Candle holders GW, black bamboo mirror from garage sale, Pier 1 candles, Archipelago scent (that was pricey), the star was a gift from Jenny * Thanks Boo, I love my star.

Black Croc leather vase from Debbie *I've been eye balling this one for 2 yrs, I think. So it's been recycled to handing it over to me. =)

Check out the new door knobs!! They are fabulous, the boys love them, they get disinfected once a week and sometimes twice =)

Topiary found at the GW paid a whopping .30 cents for it =)

Pictures of ze boys in the hall way.

Black metal Ikea Lamp it looks absolutely great in that corner along another PB wire candle holder from GW.

A DIY project inspired by Thirfty Decor Chick I can't stop reading her blog and following everything she does. Am I a copy cat? Gladly! she has incredible ideas... SARAH, CAN YOU HEAR ME? =)

Please, ignore the floors. I need to work on saving for new floors this winter... (list keeps growing)
This little Shark was from an estate sale for $5. Great for kids to help around the house, but this could never replace your real vacuum.

Ahhh, thans Bed Bath & Beyond. Keep sending me those great coupons. =)

These are great in bedroom. Both for $1.00 *Thanks Cheri, great find.

Here's my zen corner in my bedroom... If Jacob hadn't sneaked in my bed I would have shown you around, but we can do that another day.
Chair was from dumpster diving at Pier 1 $FREE, cushion $.30 cents, mirror Target $4.97

Picture frame from GW (I'm still working on taking the perfect picture to go there), lamp from Ikea Grono. And my tape measure that came out of my purse for a second.

Over the toilet cabinet. This hold the contact, contact solution, daily earrings, cotton swaps, cotton balls, hair clips and hair bands. Keeps my little things separate from the boys. See my PB towels... YUM!

I'm excited about neutralizing my spaces... I need a mental break from the harsh reds, yellows and greens I was using. And I have to say, these colors have created a more quiet and zen space in my room bathroom and kitchen.

August will be a very productive month!! BRING IT ON =)

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