Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why I haven't been blogging

It's that time to get all projects on the way for the beginning of school. I'm desperately trying to complete things and start the school yr. on a positive note, since the clutter of paint cans, molding, tools and such are getting in my way.

1. Living room-Organized
2. Bathroom- Painted
3. School supplies- Done
4. School clothes- Work in progress
5. Kitchen- Work in Progress
6. Basement carpet tiles- 2 weeks out
7. Fence- End of Aug.
8. Nelson's room- Work in Progress
9. Back splash- Work in Progress
10. Kitchen cabinets- Work in Progress
11. Kitchen floors- November
12. Vacation- September =)

I'll be back in a few weeks and reveal my updated kitchen, but for now I'm stuck w/ a clogged kitchen sink that I must run the snake thru, then it's back to sanding and painting... What a disorderly mess.

Notice the painters tape and tarp on my freshly painted cabinets? I have a a painters tarp over them to protect them from the splashing as I was trying to plunge the sink... Again, what a MESS!

Laminate back splash removed, filled in and smoothed down. I spent all Sunday on that...

90% I'm doing it alone, but I love when my girlfriends come to my rescue, they are my salvation at times... they are so good to me. They even lend out their husband to do the heavy lifting... *Love you girls!! =)

Here's Cheri taping away the kitchen, but the fone never leaves her hands... LOL

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