Thursday, August 5, 2010

Biggest Clog EVER

What a mess these last 3 days have been w/ out a kitchen sink. I've been washing the dishes in the laundry room YUCK!!

Debbie's husband Marshall came over and... problem solved. ** If you're a plummber you'll get offended by my lack of proper terminology LOL

First he ran a 20ft long snake from the kitchen after he removed the "jack?" That didn't work.

He undid the clamp thingy from the Y pipe of the main pipe that leads to the city.

I couldn't stand to watch all that food coming down so, I ran in to the room w/ the boys. But all I heard was GOOSH! YUCK. Poor Marshall got pretty splashed w/ all that crud and Drano.

It wouldn't even go down the drain in the basement.. Double YUCK!

Putting the clamp back on...

The boys are expressing my delight!!

I have my kitchen sink back and all the dishes are nice and shinny again.

Lesson:  do not put rice, pasta, big chunks of meat in your garbage disposal...=)

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