Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kids Surprise Spring Break

The boys are going to New England!!!

If you all have read THIS, you know I deeply miss my brother.

We are a tight family and his relocation to Boston has proved straining on us all. My mother and my boys have shown more sadness then myself and my dad. We are the "suffering on the inside" kind of folks.

So, this afternoon my mom called me to share with me how she missed my brother, how he must be skinny from not eating a proper meal and that he needs help with finding a new house and settling in. The moment I rolled my eyes I knew that ALL mothers have the same worries and thoughts plaguing them while their kids are away from them. I felt like a total jerk.


I researched some airline tickets and in less then 15mins. had my mom and the boys all booked up for Spring Break. They leave next week.

My dad and I won't get to see BOS this time around. We'll be working to make these little adventures possible and missing the family. But I look forward to going the later part of April and start exploring what can be my new home in a year. WHOOO!

Oh, did I mention that @DonnieWahlberg is from Dorchester, MA #LOVE =D


I'm in love!!!


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