Monday, March 26, 2012

What's your designing style

Mine is Transitional. What ever the heck that means.

Here's a great read over at HGTV.

I always thought of my self as Suburban or Eclectic. But as I read on; I found that I much dislike clutter but with two growing boys, can't seem to get from under it. I dislike bold colors; they are too loud and at times obnoxious. I prefer browns, tans, sages, creams and lots of textures. Metal; shiny or dull. Different wood grains all in a room appeal to my eye if they stay cohesive. But I must, must have white somewhere or it just doesn't seem to come together for ME. Oh and I rather have a plain wall rather then an over accesorized wall with 'Stuff' all together the wall or on every wall.

I had a old friend that called my style "boring". But her house is a style disaster. Every room has a different theme. Every accessory is a different color. Seriously! Her kitchen had red accessories, black and whites diamonds floor tiles and green cupboards. Her staircase has a school bus yellow sun mural about 5x8 covering the entire wall. Listen, I never took her criticism seriously since, holy cow her house is a total "What not to do" or "WTF?".  

Boring is not a word that I would use to describe Transitional. I think it's interesting, eclectic, soothing, textured and minimalistic. I would call it more "inviting".

Notice the light blue, light yellow and the wood? how relaxing and inviting is that? I picture the kids on the floor in front of the fireplace playing UNO or Monopoly. I could not live w/ out my fireplace in the basement. What will I do when I move? possibly buy an electrical unit.

What do you think when you look at these spaces?

High ceilings, crown molding, armed chairs, fireplace. Doesn't this look like heaven?

Can't wait to get a much bigger house. Boston, here I come! And maybe it's time to paint my coffee tables Heirloom White and add some pop of color. White.


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