Saturday, May 26, 2012

Belated Boston Show Off

Boston. Fun. Family. Adventure.

 Boys waiting for train.

On our way to ORD.


 and more ... Snack time.

Tablet time.

Jacob gives Amtrak thumbs up.

The boys really enjoyed the comfort and style of the train. We were able to nap, charge phones, tablets, cameras and have a few rounds of hang man, UNO and of course eat crappy food. Lol

Chillin' at the airport, waiting for our flight.

These two are such pro's. They know exactly what to do.
I'm extremely proud of them! And I must say, so far I've done a great job!!!

The next day we took the Red Line.

Harvard. Here we come!

Harvard. Nuff said.


John Harvard was from England and was not the founder of Harvard. He was the first be benefactor. He died in Cambridge at the age of 30 in 1638. There are no photographs of the man.

Nelson was inspired by Harvard. Let's hope it sticks! =D

Three of my favorite boys.
They are my heart!

I love how you can see them in motion.

On the T.

Can you picture the horse and buggies?

Boston Common. Did you know they preformed public hangings in the park in the 1600's?

It was an absolutly georgeous day for walking.

This is where we started to follow the Freedom Trail.

Q: Can you name this building and it's history?
A: Massachusetts State House

Since Nelson's done this a few times in Boston, he's guiding us through.  Man, my kid has spirit and has become a great little man.

Red line, check out those curves. 

That night we got sleepy doo.

The next morning we were up super early. Breakfast at Au bon pain and more exploring with Tio.

In Cambridge. Waiting for Bud aka Laurie. My dearest and longest friend. I've known her for over 20 yrs. She is has been my sister and best friends even thou we live miles away.

After almost 4 hrs of walking...

China Town

On our way back to Cambridge.

By late 2013 the boys and I will be Bostonians!

Amtrak. Home bound.

What a beauty this place was. Best city ever. Okay, I lie. NYC is! =D
Btw, I'm finally blogging from my tablet and I love it! =D


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