Thursday, October 18, 2012

Living & Loving Life

WoW! it's been a long time since I've caught up with you guys.

I sure have miss blogging.

This year summer has been so full of excitments, adventures and laughters (oh, and work). I've had a great time with family and friends. Here's a quick recap.

Jenny and I ran into crazy pants Floyd Mayweather.

BTW, he's such a douche.

He was trying to get it in but we goofed him and he goofed us. Good times, really! =D

Even though in Sept. Jenny and I went to Vegas. We stayed at Mandalay Bay. Great hotel, far enough from the crowded strip but close enough to get into it every night. Whoooo that was a fun trip.


We gambled (very little). We ate (a lot). We saw (mostly hot guys and train wrecks). We slept (mostly by the pool).

Just a taste of what we looked at for 4 days. YUM! =D

Las Vegas Strip!

I had such a great time. We decided we will make it a yearly tradition to vacation together for 4 nights and I'm thinking NYC is next them Bahamas...

What a year! I am the happiest I've ever been =D

The boys are great. They are in swimming and band. Nelson is playing the clarinet.

He is so silly!

Here's my baby. Jacob. He's such a sweetness.

My mom decided this would be a great Xmas gift for Nelson.

Check out this great concert hall. No wonder he continues to get inspired =D

Check out this olympic size pool. Again, inspiration comes from your enviroment. Do you agree?

We. Are. Blessed.

Project updates coming soon.

Love and peace!


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