Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Love of Hostas & more

As a beginer; I love the easy of Hostas (Hostaceae). They rapidly grow and for a low price are welcoming and enviting.

Besides being easy to care for they are long living and relatively disease free. I'm in!!

Hostas are perennials and I grow primarily for their beautiful foliage. I feed them once a month and water them ever other night. I've taken to them so well that I've researched the heck out of them. How many different types are there? How tall will they grow? Feeding needs? I'm your typical read it all!

Did you know there are as many as 45 different hostas?

They originated in Northeastern Asia and they were first introduced to Europe in the late 1700's and then came to the United States in the middle 1800's.

They reach their maturity in 4 - 5 yrs.

Although, Hostas are considered shade-tolerant plants, even if most do not thrive if grown in deep shade. Hostas prefer an exposure with morning sun and afternoon shade.
A minimum of 1 inch of water a week will contribute to their health. I've read in many plances that they prefer 1 inch of water a day. I water mine every evening on really hot days and normally every other day. The plant will let you know when it needs water. Look out for wilted leaves, burnt leaves and dropping leaves.

Hostas are edible but I wouldn't want a Hostas salad although, in Japan they are consumed everyday. They were once called Lily's and Funkia.

There is even a America Hostas Society.

There are a few that are currently my faves. Like the 'Francee' that's the one with the white edges.


Gold Standard

Blue Sky Nursery - Hosta GOLD STANDARD

Then there's Undulata.

Hosta 'Undulata Mediovariegata' (Undulata Univittata)

I can't pick which I like the most... I have all kinds of Hostas and my yard seems to love them.

Help keep your plants free of bugs and animal bites. That's rabbits, squirells and such. They can be brutal on these pretty plants. Do your research!

Hosta Regal Splendor. This is the one I'll be planting this weekend in the back yard.

Here are Hosta Garden Ideas


I love the hostas by the fence. This is exactly what I'm working towards, but the owner above does not like them. Think She'd let me have them? =D

So, what do you like or not like about Hostas?


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Maggie @ Snag A Bargain said...

I love hostas! They make my yard look so pretty and elegant.