Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kitchen Re-Do

This is what my kitchen looks like...

I don't really have any complaints besides the fact that it's small and I cook large meals otherwise organizing it makes it more efficient, I guess LOL.

Nice surprise behind the backsplash

I still have more cleaning up to do on the backsplash

It's going to be a challenge and I know I can do it! I can't wait till it's completed.

I've been inspired by a lot of you to dress up my tiny kitchen. I will repaint the cabinets, add new hardware, and tile the back splash.Eventually, probably winter time when flooring is cheaper, I might do that.

I have some sample tiles that I bought from HD last night and I'm leaning towards a simple matte white tile. Since the counter top is tan ( if I decide to keep it) LOL.

I'm currently researching different methods to accomplish these things ( I'm one of those people that read non stop until I think I have as much information as possible, which usually means, I have too much information LOL).

Here's a shot of my dining room.

I really want to open up the kitchen some so, that it blends in nicely w/ the dark dining room that I lurve and will not change for a while. I'm all into the organic colors lately and I have to tell you it's made a difference on the boys and I. I feel more Posh! HAHA Who knows why but it feels uncluttered and comfortable.

These are several inspirations...

I love the simplicity of the white...

I'm still considering the counter tops, it's more then I'd like to spend but we'll see specially since I tend to find everything at giveaway prices LOL

I've considered stainless, hmmm but I've read they are tricky to cut

I thought of subway tiles, but since I lived in NY and remembered that thats more of bathroom tile, I can't get over the thought that I would have bathroom tiles in my kitchen ( I know I know) I can't help what I get stuck on LOL

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