Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Small Before and After

Little changes in the living room. I get bored easily and have to switch a few things every once in a while to make the eyes pop. LOL

Old TV stand... what a mess!

Old shelf in the corner. Big and bulky.

See the old cushions? too beige, they just blend in and don't give any kind of effect to the eye.

GW leaning shelf that I got for 17.00 New in the unopened box. The cushions are from an old shower curtain I inherited from my brother for a garage sale and as soon as I saw it I knew it would make for neat cushions and ottoman upholstery. Debbie took out her sewing machine and worked her magic since I have yet to buy a machine (it's on the wish list). Sorry, for the very dark picture, I need to find time and clean my pro camera... it's been a yr since I've used it.
I just need to paint (Behr Creamy Mushroom) like the basement and I think I'll take a break =)

Does this happen to your furniture when you paint it black?

A bit dusty. Thank goodness I'm home to dust "everyday". The boys and I can't stand the small dust on the surfaces so it's quite cute to see my 5 year old grab a rag and wipe it clean, I must be doing something right =)

Here is the catch the remotes... I think it's fun and unexpected. What do you think?

See my coupons? LOL (Hob Lob, Meijer, Chase, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond)

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