Friday, February 1, 2013


I've waited a whole year for  and the  to show us their smooldering deliciously over 40's incredibly hot bodies. Yikes forgive me while I cool off! =D

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Mother. Sister. Daughter. DDub Lover. DIYer. Glee. Strong. Phenomenal me. I eat dessert first! =D

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I have had this insane obsession with @DonnieWahlberg. It's been plaguing me since I was 14. HELP!

Oh @DonnieWahlberg! 

Retro specs are the fad. I have mine, do you have yours? 

Donnies newest show following his success on @BlueBloods on CBS. Friday nights at 10pm. 
Great show, don't miss it. 

Bostons Finest. Donnie is the executive producer, which premieres Wednesday, Feb. 27. on TNT
Set your dvr's

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Thank you "Kids" for coming back. Makes me feel like it's 1989 all over again.


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