Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Garage Sales and GW...

... boy am I tired! =)

Treasure hunting today and I think I was successful... just imagine what I'll find this Friday *snickers*.

Garage Sale Finds

Great lamp, gives out perfect romantic lighting

I'm going to use this tray for tea and coffee nights. For now I'm displaying it on the bottom of the side / coffee tables

4X lighted mirror

I got all three for $10; not bad eh?


This is where the real treasure hunting begins =)

Restoration Hardware lamp shade. .30 cents

Wicker planter / trash basket .30 cents

Louis Vuitton bag .30 cents (you can't imagine how many label bags I have)

Hob Lob shoe picture .30 cents (it's BIG) I just need to touch up the frame a bit and VOILA, she'll be gorge

And little extras...

What an exciting day! Great finds everywhere... (thanks Cheri for keeping your eyes open) =)

What I was looking for and didn't find:
1. Coffee table for basement
2. Ladder shelf
3. Queen size comforter ?
4. 3 wick candles
5. Brown or tan rugs

Maybe this Friday I'll hit the Church sales and find my bits there.


Cheri said...

We did pretty good today! Your best deals today was the lamp and that over-sized picture! The picture alone is at least worth $60.00! By the way...I still want that picture frame you picked up the other day!!! You are my new rummage buddy!!! ;-)

Bargin Corner Princess said...

You are too cute!! =) What a great day we had... Don't you just love how that frame turned out? Can't wait to go at it again on Friday... CHURCH SALES!! Woot Woot